How often do you change diapers? Let baby diaper manufacturers wholesale tell you

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-15

How often do you change diapers? Diapers are convenient and easy to use, but you should also pay attention to the frequency of changing them to ensure your baby's health. According to relevant expert research, the replacement cycle of baby diapers in different age groups is different and should be adjusted correctly. Babies have just come into the world, and their bladders are immature, so it is difficult to store urine for a long time, so they should be changed more frequently. Change it about 10 times a day, especially before and after breastfeeding, after the baby has a bowel movement, and before going to bed at night. In infants and young children, the number of replacements can be reduced, once every 3 hours during the day, and once every 4-6 hours for older ones. 1-2 times at night is suitable, as long as it does not affect the baby's sleep. If you have an active baby at home, I believe that moms and dads will never worry, especially when changing diapers, they will never be honest with you, turn over and roll around to perform in turn, hey, hey, some moms are so anxious! hey~
Let's understand the evaluation method of diaper cutting design together:
1. Take pictures of the front, back and side, and check the appearance design of the pull-up pants.
2. Use an electronic scale to weigh the weight of the single-piece pull-up pants.
3. Cut the pull-up pants in the middle, and use a vernier caliper to measure the thickness of the single piece;
4. Stretch the waist and measure the maximum stretch range; check the elastic design of the waist;
5. Stretch the leg circumference and measure the maximum stretch range; check the elastic design of the leg circumference;
6. Check the urine display design and other special designs, the leak-proof partition of pull-up pants, etc.
7. Stretch the waist and leg circumference to feel the fit; take off the diapers to experience the convenience of taking off, and put the doll on the pull-up pants to experience the difficulty of wearing them.
Dry type evaluation method:
1. After absorbing the solution, put the filter paper on the inner surface, press it with a 5kg weight for 10 seconds, then remove the filter paper, and check the remaining water marks;
2. After fully absorbing the liquid (the same amount used in the water absorption test), cut open the diaper and observe the properties of the water-absorbing beads. It is better to be non-sticky, elastic and non-deformable. the

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