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How to Make Your Business Sustainable and be Ecopreneurship

How to Make Your Business Sustainable and be Ecopreneurship


What is ecopreneurship? And how to make your business more sustainable?

What is ecopreneurship? 

Eco-entrepreneurship, or ecopreneurship, is a business behavior adopted by people who want to create a “green” business. In other words, it is a way to contribute to sustainable development while making profit.

Ecopreneurs aim to solve a specific environmental problem through sustainable business. Armed with innovative ideas, they search for gaps in the market and use creative solutions to realize their vision. At the centre of all of their entrepreneurial activities is the development and promotion of ecologically-oriented innovations.

According to a study of green startups in Germany, between 2006 and 2014 each year around 21,100 companies were founded that could be described as being part of the growing “green economy”, meaning an average of 14.7 percent of startups had an ecological mission.

While sustainability is the key goal for ecopreneurs, they’re much more keen to “think big” and want their products and services to have the greatest possible impact on both the market and the planet. All entrepreneurs are focused on growing their business after the startup phase – and it’s no different for ecopreneurs. They too are market-oriented and have ambitious profit, growth and productivity targets – because as their business grows, so does their positive climate and environmental impact.

8 ways to make your business more sustainable 

Offer remote work 

As more work gets done online, there is less need for people to be in a physical office.

This is great for the environment. Fewer cars on the road, idling in traffic, equates to less CO2 being emitted into the air. Further, with fewer people in the office, companies can save money usually spent stocking, lighting and heating the workplace.

Use sustainable products 

For cleaning products, there is a whole cottage industry of green cleaners that don’t include toxic chemicals, opting instead for natural ingredients that work just as well. Using these products keeps toxic ingredients out of the streams and their waste out of landfills. 

Make use of secondhand finds 

Decking out the office doesn’t have to mean paying top dollar for brand-new furniture. Companies can go the green route instead by finding beautiful vintage pieces to fill out their offices or opting for recycled furniture. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle 

First, companies should endeavor to reduce usage where they can. Instead of disposable cups, plates and utensils, they can opt for real glass and ceramic alternatives. In the office, employees should be encouraged to use both sides of the printer paper. 


The difference between that banana peel in the compost and that banana peel in the dump is what it becomes. In the dump, it slowly decays and off-gases methane, a much more destructive greenhouse gas. In the compost, it decays quickly and becomes soil for gardens and parks.

Use sustainable packaging 

Recycled paper and cardboard are tried and true sustainable packaging options, but there have also been strides toward creating completely compostable packaging that results in zero waste at the end of its cycle.

Make energy-efficient upgrades 

Many simple things can be done: use energy-efficient appliances; move to LED lights; automate lights with sensors; use smart thermostats; take advantage of natural light; and supply staff with laptops instead of desktop computers.

Do business with green businesses 

From software companies and food and beverage brands to apparel labels and shipping carriers, carbon-neutral vendors can be found across every major industry. For many small businesses, their supply chain also will have a big impact on their own footprint.

ECO BOOM is an ecopreneurship aims at reducing plastic waste and pursing healthy & green lifestyle by providing eco-friendly & health care products.

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