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Protecting environment, ECO BOOM is in action

Protecting environment, ECO BOOM is in action


With the development of economy and society, people gradually realize the importance of environmental protection. So what exactly is environmental protection?

The definition of environmental protection 

Environmental protection means that human beings consciously protect natural resources and make them reasonably used to prevent the natural environment from being polluted and destroyed; the polluted and destroyed environment must be comprehensively treated to create an environment suitable for human living and working. Environmental protection also refers to the general term for various actions taken by mankind to solve actual or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between mankind and the environment, and ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society. Its methods include engineering technology, administrative management, innovative research and development, as well as legal and economic actions, publicity and education, etc.

Three meanings of environmental protection 

Protection of the natural environment 

That is to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment, including the protection of green hills, clean water, blue sky, and sea. This involves the prohibition of private mining, deforestation, indiscriminate discharge of sewage and pollutants, overgraze, indiscriminate wasteland reclamation, over-exploit natural resources, and disrupt the ecological balance of the natural world, and so on.

Protection of human living environment 

Make human living environment more suitable for human work and labor needs. This involves all aspects of people's clothing, food, housing, transportation, and play, which must meet the requirements of science, hygiene, health, and green. This level depends not only on the conscious actions of citizens, but also on the guarantee of government policies and regulations, and on the guidance of community organization and education. It requires the joint management of all walks of life, workers, peasants, soldiers, academics, and business.

Protection of earth creatures 

Those are the preservation of species, the conservation of plant vegetation, the return of animals, biodiversity, the rational and prudent use of genetic modification, the special protection of endangered species, the restoration of extinct species, the expansion of habitats, the harmonious coexistence of humans and organisms and no bully other species and so on.

The main content of environmental protection 

Prevent environmental pollution caused by production and living activities 

Prevention of waste water, waste gas, waste residue, dust, radioactive materials and noise, vibration, odor and electromagnetic microwave radiation generated by industrial production; harmful gas, liquid and noise generated by transportation activities; pollution caused by marine transportation; toxic and harmful chemicals used in industrial and agricultural production and people's lives, and pollution caused by smoke, sewage and garbage discharged from urban life.

Prevent environmental damage caused by construction and development activities 

Preventing environmental pollution and damage caused by large-scale water conservancy projects, railways, highways, large ports, airports, and large-scale industrial projects; agricultural and lake reclamation activities, the development of offshore oil fields, coastal zones and marshes; the development of forests and mineral resources, and the damage, pollution and impact of the establishment and construction of new industrial zones and new towns.

Protect the natural environment with special value 

Provide effective protection for rare species and their living environment, special historical relics of natural development, geological phenomena, and landform. In addition, urban and rural planning, control of soil erosion and desertification, afforestation, control of population growth and distribution, and reasonable allocation of productivity are also the content of environmental protection. Environmental protection has become one of the common actions and main tasks of the governments and people of all countries in the world today.

The importance of environmental protection 

On the relationship between environment and economic development 

Protecting the environment can promote economic development. More precisely, it is sustainable development. This is a long-term thing for the welfare of human beings and their offspring. It is not about destroying the environment in order to obtain a single immediate economic benefit.

On the relationship between human and nature 

Human and nature coexist harmoniously. Protecting the environment means protecting mankind. Nature provides resources for mankind and only with resources can human beings survive. If the resources and environment are damaged, the space for human survival and development will become less than ideal.

On the relationship between environment and social development 

Environmental protection reflects personal accomplishment and quality,  as well as a measure of social civilization and progress. 


Since the foundation of ECO BOOM, we have always brought you healthy and stylish lifestyle, contributed to environmental protection and future sustainable development. For example, the topsheet and backsheet of our bamboo baby diaper are made of 100% bamboo fiber, comparing to ordinary diapers, which can reduce 30% of plastic pollution. In addition, our plant-based diaper joins a lot of biodiversity protection programs, including animal habitats protection and educational programs of environmental-protecting awareness in local. What's more, our packaging of diapers are using D2W degradable ploybag instead of plastic type, which can be decomposed within 18 months. Protecting environment, ECO BOOM is in action.

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