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ECO BOOM Marketing Support

ECO BOOM Marketing Support


Join Us! Help us be a part of the solution, not part of the pollution.

ECO BOOM has a professional marketing team composed of salesmen, senior designers and brand planners. We will provide professional marketing support for all partners who join the ECO BOOM family to reduce the time and energy that you originally had to spend.


The following supports will be provided for free:

Facebook promotion, exquisite picture and video materials, product catalog and product card, etc.

Facebook Promotion 

As long as you join us, ECO BOOM will provide you with the following Facebook marketing support successively.

Promotion for official launch

Paid promotion for sales channels
Paid event promotion

Picture and video materials 

Responsible by a professional design and planning team to bring consumers'visual enjoyment and improve brand's visibility and attractiveness.

Exquisite pictures 

Diverse Videos 

All free!!

Such as product display / product production / video blog.

Promotional Materials 

All promotional materials are available for free.

Product catalog 2021

Product card 2021

Join Us 

ECO BOOM now is available in 25 countries with 35 agents, by using eco-friendly materials, we are taking one small step to sustain the planet together.

Help us be a part of the solution, not part of the pollution.

Follow us: ins@iecoboom  Facebook@ECOBOOMofficial

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