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The 10 Best Newborn Gifts To Buy

The 10 Best Newborn Gifts To Buy


When you think about it, buying newborn gifts seems like one of the easiest things ever. After all, you could probably purchase anything without the baby really knowing or remembering down the road what you bought. However, their parents will.


Be it for a baby shower or just a gift to say, “welcome to the world,” when a baby is born, the once-in-a-lifetime occasion calls for newborn gifts. 

Deciding what to buy a new little guy or girl, however, can be a bit overwhelming.

TOP 1 ——ECO BOOM Bamboo Diaper & Wet wipes 

Sensitive newborn skin deserves only the best care, and our bamboo products deliver just that.


ECO BOOM bamboo diapers manufacture of degradable materials, no latex, PVC, TBT or Antioxidants. Natural bamboo compounded in the topsheet and backsheet. Super soft top sheet ensures your baby’s comfort. And Germany material have great absorbing performance to lock moisture away,keeping surface dry.


Our Baby Wipes are safely prepared for the sensitive skin of your baby. They are as gentle as lint and water, making them suitable for use from birth. The moist and fresh wipes are gently made to clean your baby’s body including hands and face. It’s an unscented and 99.5% water formula and can be directly used for the baby’s skin.

Bamboo Diapers

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes

TOP 2 ——Soft Socks 

No one likes cold feet, especially a newborn!Socks are necessary for all the seasons of the year, and parents will need plenty of pairs because these little socks are bound to get lost in the chaos (or the laundry!).

TOP 3 ——A Sassy Set Of Shoes 

A new pair of comfy and stylish kicks are the sweetest gift for little ones who aren't up and walking yet but still need a layer of warmth over their socks in cold weather. Trendy shoes with cute colors and patterns will definitely put you at the top of the list of coolest newborn gift-givers.


TOP 4 ——Quality Bibs 

While baby’s drooly smiles are adorable, they can lead to wet clothes and drool rash. A fresh set of bibs will help prevent that — in style.


Opt for bibs made from organic cotton and fleece, as they’re soft and absorbent and keep clothes dry. Also look for a set that’s adjustable so they can grow with your baby into toddlerhood.

TOP 5 ——Safe Bath Products 

They are the perfect gift to ensure a clean and happy newborn. Bath sets often include safe, effective products that are sure to make getting clean a breeze for both baby and Mom.


TOP 6 ——Baby Teether 

This little gift will earn you huge bonus points with the new parents when teething time comes along. A good teether should be long enough to reach the baby’s molars but not so long that the baby could potentially hurt themselves.


TOP 7 ——A Cozy Blanket 

Every baby needs a special blanket, and those made with ultra-soft fabric and decorative designs make the perfect baby gift. Textured, soft blankets can also provide the new baby with safe surfaces to explore and touch.

TOP 8 ——A Safe Toy 

The best newborn baby toys are all-natural, soft, rubber, squishy, fuzzy, and perfect for infants to grab on to and play with.


They come in all sorts of designs — from animals, blocks, and balls to cars, trucks, and elephants on wheels — and are the perfect addition for a newborn’s playroom or nursery. After all, no baby can have too many toys.


TOP 9 ——Toys That Promote Development 

Similar to tickling your newborn with a feather, you can exercise your baby’s sense of touch with sensory toys like a rattle, activity balls and blocks, and pop-up toys. These stimulating toys are not only fun but help your baby learn.


TOP 10 ——A Perfect Pacifier 

Pacifiers have gotten a bit of an upgrade over the last few years. Nowadays, many designs are not only cute to look at but are also manufactured to help keep the pacifier on your baby’s chest.


Pacifiers make the perfect newborn gifts because they are suitable for newborns through 6-month-olds since once babies start teething, they may bite through it.

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