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How to use bamboo diapers properly?

How to use bamboo diapers properly?


                       How to use diapers properly?

Give the baby more tender care.

The structure of diapers
Take ECO BOOM Bamboo Baby Diaper as an example

Three conditions can cause diaper rash
Mothers should pay attention to avoid

The harm that does not change diaper in time can cause diaper rash easily

How to wear diapers?
There are 6 steps

STEP1:Before changing diapers for the baby, use baby wipes to carefully scrub the small butts clean, the direction had better be from top to bottom.

STEP2Prepare a new diaper to roll out, raise the inside hem under your baby's butt and lift it above your belly button.

STEP3:Release used diapers, baby may have pee and poop, if there is poop please dry the butts, pay attention not to pull legs, gently lift the baby's butts out of dirty diapers.

STEP4Carefully wipe the spot where the fecal stain is likely to remain, keep the diaper ruffles on edge, and lift the diaper above your belly button.

STEP5:Press down the edge of the diaper while pulling the waist sticker. The left and right sides should be symmetically glued together. Press down the bottom of the diaper from the top and gently pull it upward from the root of the diaper.

STEP6:Finally, place your hands slightly over your crotch to make sure the diaper is raised to prevent side and back leaks.

The difference between diapers and pants
Understand their differences to know when the baby should use what kind of diapers

The waist no slack.

The glue is in the abdomen.

It's hard to take the diaper off.

Suitable for 6.5-26 lbs baby.

The waist is elastic.

The glue is on either side of the thigh.

 It's training pants that can be worn and taken off at will.

After the age of the baby learning to walk can be used.


The above is a detailed explanation of diaper structure cognition, number selection, attention to the situation and the correct way to wear diapers. 

I hope it will be helpful to mothers. 

Wish all the baby healthy growth.

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