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Things you probably didn’t know about your vagina

Things you probably didn’t know about your vagina


Your vagina is highly elastic; Your vagina is self-cleaning; It’s ultra-absorbent; Yes, your vagina is supposed to smell......

Your vagina is highly elastic 

It is a muscular vessel that can range from 7-10 cm (2-4 inches) and is what experts call a potential space, which means your vagina is not open all the time. Most of the time, your vagina is compressed, so the back and front vaginal walls are squeezed together. But fear not—your vagina is made to easily contract and expand. This means it can easily stretch to accommodate things going in or out—think a menstrual cup or baby.

Your vagina is self-cleaning 

Your vagina does in fact clean itself naturally, that’s what discharge is. Normally you might find discharge in your underwear throughout the day which appears as a result of your vagina’s cleaning efforts! Make sure to avoid cleaning the inside of your vagina, as doing so can mess up your PH balance. When your PH balance is off, it can increase your chances of bacterial vaginosis and infection. It is safe to wash your labial fold and perineum, just use natural and fragrance-free soap.

It’s ultra-absorbent 

Your vagina is actually more absorbent than skin and its health is extremely important to your body! Some of the external parts of the vulva are also extremely absorbent such as the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia minora and urethra. Although your vagina is ultra-absorbent, the canal also washes away harmful microorganisms through the production of mucus! 

Yes, your vagina is supposed to smell 

Your vagina contains lots of good bacteria that keeps your PH levels healthy and balanced around the clock. This bacteria has a smell which is totally normal and doesn’t need to be masked by any form of scented perfumes or body wash. Doing so can actually be harmful to your vagina and upset the PH levels.

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