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What is the Seedling certification?

What is the Seedling certification?


Each piece of ECOBOOM plant-based diaper is from Equator Ecological Corridor with European "Seedling" certification.

What is the Seedling logo? 

The Seedling is a reliable label for compostability. It proves that a product is certified industrially compostable according to the European standard EN 13432.

The certification process is offered by Belgian certifier-TÜV Austria Belgium and German certifier- DIN CERTCO.


Biodegradable and compostable products should be certified according to EN 13432 / 14995 standards. Independent third party certification ensures conformity of the product with the referenced standards and certification stipulations. The Seedling-label is an established and accepted identifier in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, and beyond.

What does this certification mean exactly? 

When successfully certified, the product will fully biodegrade in an industrial composting plant under controlled.

Conditions such as temperature, moisture and time frame

– leaving nothing behind but water, biomass and CO2

ECO BOOM x EcoCosy® fiber 

We are excited to announce that each piece of ECOBOOM plant-based diaper is from Equator Ecological Corridor with CFCC® / PEFC™ / OEKO-TEX® / European "Seedling" certification.(EcoCosy®)


By using EcoCosy® 100% Plant-based premium fiber makes it biodegradable. The Seedling certification confirms that under optimal conditions, ECO BOOM plant-based diaper’s backsheet will biodegrade completely within 90 days with 0% harmful substances remain.

biodegradable diaper

Why we’ve done it 

There are a lot of other diapers out there claiming to be biodegradable and sustainable, with no proof to back up these claims. We can now give you and your clients that peace of mind.


At ECO BOOM, we believe that when it comes to claims about sustainability, it’s not just good enough to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. We recognized that customers who switch from traditional cloth diaper to disposable do so, in part, because of the reassurance of the product being a biodegradable, sustainable option. We felt it important to have 3rd party verification and certification.

Our Other Certificates 

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