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Why not try the Bamboo Diapers?

Why not try the Bamboo Diapers?


Have you ever used bamboo fiber diapers for your baby? Have you considered using bamboo diapers but don’t know what to expect? Or, even what they are?

 Want to know if bamboo diapers are safe for your baby and if they’ll help lower your carbon footprint? Well, read on and find all the answers you need about bamboo diapers (o^^o) 

 Bamboo – A Greener Solution For Diapers? 

If you have kids , you’ll know that diapers pile up and up. When you start throwing them out on a daily basis, you realize just how much waste they create.

Bamboo diapers come from a natural source that is easily wasteful. And they’re 100% bio-degradable too. And they’re actually more absorbent than cotton!

Bamboo is considered to be a “green” crop for several reasons. It absorbs more carbon dioxide than many other trees and plants do. And as bamboo is also from the grass family, it replenishes itself quickly after being harvested.

Not only that, but bamboo grows without the need for irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers. If you’re trying to raise children and lower your carbon footprint , these are all big pluses.

 Pamper Your Baby In “Artificial Silk” 

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant in the grass family. When it is processed to be made into fabric, it is then technically called a Rayon fabric. Rayon fabrics can also be made from other materials such as cotton or wood pulp.


Rayon Fabric was originally referred to as “Artificial Silk” and was first patented in 1894. So this fabric is not a new thing. It’s soft, gentle characteristics make it a perfect diaper material.

 How is Bamboo Processed into Fabric? 

How is bamboo turned into Rayon fabric? A chemical called Sodium Hydroxide, also known as caustic soda, is the key factor at play.

Sodium Hydroxide is a strong chemical, but it poses no health hazards as long as it’s used and disposed of properly.


In fact, Sodium Hydroxide is used to process cotton into fabric, as well. So the process is completely safe. 

 Bamboo Diapers: Pros & Cons 


——Bamboo diapers are more absorbent than cotton diapers. In fact, bamboo fabric absorbs 70 percent more liquid than regular cotton fabric does

——The “Artificial Silk” material is incredibly soft.

——They offer a trimmer fit because they have fewer layers of material.

——Bamboo diapers stand up to heavy wetting due to their increased absorbency.

——They make for a good, overnight diaper.

——Bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from the body better (so it keep your baby drier) than even 100% cotton does.

——The fabric is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. Cotton is not antibacterial.

——Bamboo fiber helps to reduce and even destroy odor-causing bacteria.

——Bamboo diapers are naturally hypoallergenic and are good for babies with sensitive skin.

——The fabric is more breathable than cotton and other fabrics.

——have insulating properties which will help your baby stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

6 Ways Bamboo Diapers Help The Environment 

——It is a naturally organic fiber.

——It is 100% biodegradable.

——Bamboo crops generate up to 30% more oxygen than other crops and even more than trees do.

——Bamboo helps to reduce carbon dioxide in the environment which is blamed for the destruction of the ozone layer. Bamboo can absorb 35% more carbon dioxide than trees during its growth process.

——Bamboo crops contribute to enriching the soil, while cotton crops drain and deplete it.

——Its growing speed is 30 times faster than trees, making it the most sustainable products on the market.


——Some people debate how “environmentally friendly” they are because of the processing procedures.

——Watch out for bamboo diapers that are made with a cotton blend. Be sure that the cotton blend is organic compared to traditional cotton which is grown with the use of pesticides. They are slightly more expensive.

——The fabric holds on to stains more so than other types of fabrics.


It’s fair to say the pros and benefits of bamboo diapers overweight the cons.

Not only are they beneficial for your baby’s health, but they are also “greener” and environmentally friendly.

It seems that the biggest con is the cost. But if you feel the environmental benefits are worth it, and want a longer lasting diaper then you won’t mind!

 ECO BOOM Bamboo Diaper 

Sensitive newborn skin deserves only the best care, and our bamboo diapers deliver just that.


——100%Bamboo Topsheet: All bamboo nonwoven are with FSC certificate which can be fully biodegradable.

——Triple elastic Ear-patch: Provide a better fit and comfort for active baby.

——Super Absorbent Core: With high-quality super absorbent material from Germany to lock liquid and keep surface dry.

——Ultra-Breathable Bamboo Backsheet: 100% Bamboo nonwoven backsheet makes it biodegradable and also allow air-circulation inside to keep bottom dry.

——61% Biodegradability: SGS certified 61% biodegradability rate of 75 days.
——Reduce plastic waste by 30%: Bamboo used on both topsheet and backsheet to reduce plastic waste by 30%. 
——No chlorine: No chlorine elements used during bamboo diapers production.

 ECO BOOM Diaper Pants 

360°Elastic Waist: More flexible strings and waist band provide a snug and comfortable fit.

Have a try and then you and your little one will love it (o^^o) 

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