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The Green Day

The Green Day


Did you know the Green Day? Many people perhaps would say, “is the rock band in America? ” In fact, that Green Day is not the Green Day we going to talk today.

The Green day is a valentine’s day on 14th, August every year which is originated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in Eastern Europe, aiming to advocate green lifestyle, environmental protection. However, due to the nature of a valentine’s day, the consumption of chocolate, flower and other presents are rampant all over the world. Therefore, the wraps of these presents are almost plastic and paper, which can cause plastic pollution and forest damage. Thus, these valentine’s behaviors violate the concept and aim of the Green Day, which is pursing an environmental-friendly life.

The Waste in Green Day 

According to a report, every 2,000 pieces of paper needs to cut one tree. In one Valentine’s day in Shanghai, there are about 50,000 bunches of flowers to be sold. If taking every 11 flowers as one bunch which needs 20 pieces of wrapping paper, 50,000 bunches of flowers will totally consume 1 million pieces of wrapping paper, which needs cut 500 trees. And 500 trees are almost a small part of a forest.

In Hong Kong, according to young people's environmental protection concept, the flower gift culture does not conform to the environmental protection principle, because flower farmers plant a single flower on a large scale, using a large amount of pesticides and fertilizers, will pollute the soil and water. Besides, most of the flowers in Hong Kong are from Netherlands and New Zealand by air transportation, however, the aircraft emits a large amount of carbon dioxide. For example, a one-way direct flight from Netherlands to Hong Kong emits 1.35 tons, which is 25% of the average annual emissions of Hong Kong residents. In addition, flowers will wither within a few days. However, Hong Kong lacks a mechanism to deal with organic waste. Residual flowers are often sent to landfills with packaging materials for "burial", but they cannot be converted into organic fertilizers.

The Green Day Gift List 

Green Flower 

Without delay to the expression of love, buy some simple bouquets in packaging; or instead of buying bouquets, buy potted roses so that the plants can continue to grow; if you do receive the bouquets, don’t forget to make them into compost after Valentine’s Day. 

Green Greeting Card 

Most people send greeting cards on Valentine's Day. Valentine's cards will mostly appear in the trash can after the festival, which not only takes up the space of our little landfill, but also wastes a lot of resources when manufacturing them. Therefore, replacing traditional paper greeting cards with e-cards is helpful reduce waste.

Zero Waste Gift 

People can express their emotions to their loved ones in a unique and environmentally friendly way. Nowadays, why not give your love a romantic and environmentally friendly gift? Stop using layers of beautifully wrapped gifts and give them different experiences, such as taking them on a hike or accompanying them to the cinema or theater.

Green Dinner 

If you want to make a romantic meal for your love, please do something to reduce food waste. You can calculate your appetite in advance to avoid overcooking. In addition, remember to compost the peeled vegetable roots or skins after dinner.

ECO BOOM 0% Plastic Bamboo Kitchen Paper 

Our ECO BOOM bamboo kitchen paper is a 0% plastic product from inside to outside. The kitchen paper roll is made of 100% bamboo fiber within 2 ply which is stronger and softer comparing to regular paper products. Even the core inside is made of 100% bamboo fiber. Besides, our bamboo fiber is certificated by FSC. All the kitchen paper roll are wrapped with individual paper in packing. Now we have about 15-16 different individual packing styles for you to choose. ECO BOOM kitchen paper will be a great choice for kitchen cleaning no matter oils or stains after a Valentine’s romantic dinner. Happy Green Day!

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