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How to prevent Diaper Rash?

How to prevent Diaper Rash?


Diaper rash is pretty common in babies.
Here are some  tips to help prevent it (o^^o)

 What is Diaper Rash 

The baby's skin is extremely delicate, if the long-term soak in urine or because of the diaper airtight and wet, buttocks often appear small red rash 

or the skin becomes more rough, known as "diaper rash" or "red butt".

Newborns often fret and cry because of red buttocks, sleep restlessness, refuse breast, causing unnecessary mental and economic burden to parents; 

Severe diaper rash may result in local infection due to skin breakage and bacterial reproduction. 

In severe cases, the local invasion of bacteria from the infected area into the blood leads to sepsis.

 Diaper rash is unfortunately pretty common in babies and toddlers. Here are some tips to help prevent it (o^^o) 

 Wash your hands before and after every diaper change 

This is extra important. The ph of your baby’s skin, especially in sensitive areas, is already exposed and raw due to rash. 

Any further contamination from you could result in an increase in the severity of the rash. Make sure to wash your hands!

 Check your baby’s diaper and change it often 

Change your baby’s diaper often! Even if they do not appear wet or dirty. Prolonged wetness breaks down the top layer of skin, 

and when the ph from urine/fecal matter combines with a broken down layer of skin, rash happens. 

Prevent it by keeping your baby’s diaper as dry and clean and possible.

 Use plain water and a soft cloth for changes 

Plain water and a soft cloth are best! Avoid any wipes with alcohol or other drying ingredients.

I'd like to recommend our ECO BOOM bamboo baby wipes(o^^o)

ECO BOOM bamboo baby wipes are as gentle as lint and water, 

making them suitable for use from birth. 

Not only wipes the baby's bottom, but also gently cleans hands and face.

100% biodegradable bamboo nonwoven

99.5% RO water for baby's sensitive skin

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Make sure your baby is dry before diapering

 Make sure your baby is dry before diapering 

Before you put your baby’s fresh diaper on, make sure their bottom is completely clean and most importantly----dry. 

Let them run around naked for a bit to make sure their bum is free of any moisture. This will help immensely to avoid that nasty rash.

 Pay attention to the baby's diarrhea 

In addition to do early treatment for diarrhea, apply a daily diaper rash cream on the butt.

 Wear diapers correctly 

STEP1:Before changing diapers for the baby, use baby wipes to carefully scrub the small butts clean, the direction had better be from top to bottom.

STEP2:Prepare a new diaper to roll out, raise the inside hem under your baby's butt and lift it above your belly button.

STEP3:Release used diapers, baby may have pee and poop, if there is poop please dry the butts, pay attention not to pull legs, gently lift the baby's butts out of dirty diapers.

STEP4:Carefully wipe the spot where the fecal stain is likely to remain, keep the diaper ruffles on edge, and lift the diaper above your belly button.

STEP5:Press down the edge of the diaper while pulling the waist sticker. The left and right sides should be symmetically glued together. Press down the bottom of the diaper from the top and gently pull it upward from the root of the diaper.

STEP6:Finally, place your hands slightly over your crotch to make sure the diaper is raised to prevent side and back leaks.

 Know More

 Choosing a disposable diaper that is made of natural materials 

Diapers with prints are very cute, but the rash is not. Choose a diaper free of prints, inks, pigments, dyes or colorants. 

 Choosing a disposable diaper that is made of natural ingredients will help avoid any prolonged wetness on your baby’s precious bottom.

Our ECO BOOM bamboo diapers do all of the above ---- 100% bamboo fiber & without adding prints/pigments/dyes(o^^o)

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