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Have you bought any 75% alcohol wipes?

Have you bought any 75% alcohol wipes?


Have you bought any 75% alcohol wipes?
Why must choose 75% alcohol wipes?

 ---- Warm Reminder 

"Go out less, wear a mask, wash your hands more often."

I believe this period of time, we have long been familiar with the nine words.

At the beginning of June, many countries around the world have slowly returned to normal production and life. Here is a warm reminder that in addition to masks, these preventive products should also be prepared:

hand sanitizer / disinfectant / alcohol / disinfectant spray.

The situationpandemic is still serious, this is a war without smoke, as ordinary people in addition to doing our best to support the frontline, the more important thing is to protect ourselves, avoid being infected, don’t add any trouble to our motherland.

 Route of Bacterial Transmission---- 

There are three known ways of bacterial transmission:

They are mouth fluid, droplet and contact transmission. The first two can be effectively blocked by wearing masks and goggles, but the most easily overlooked is contact transmission.

On February 3, pandemic nucleic acid was found on the doorknob of a confirmed patient's home in Guangzhou CDC! Now the pandemic is not only transmitted by humans, but may also cause human infection through a variety of vectors! So to avoid indirect transmission of the virus, washing your hands often, disinfecting everything you need to touch is the most effective preventive measure.

 Why Must Choose 75% Alcohol Wipes? 

According to the senior expert group member of National Health Commission of China, 75% ethanol disinfection can effectively eliminate the live virus, the pandemic is afraid of alcohol, high temperature resistance.

So the daily need to contact the place, it is very necessary to use 75% alcohol to disinfect! Why does it have to be 75%? Let's talk about it:

This is because high concentrations of alcohol form a protective layer on the surface of bacteria, preventing them from entering the body and making it difficult to kill them completely.

If the concentrationof alcohol is too low, it can enter the bacteria, but it cannot coagulate the proteins in its body, nor can it kill the bacteria completely.

It has been experimentally proven that 75% alcohol works best.

 ECO BOOM 75% Alcohol Wipes 

Today, I would like to recommend to you a good disinfectant for daily use----ECO BOOM 75% alcohol wipes. Using 75% alcohol content, it can not only help to inactivate the pandemic, but also kill other bacteria to avoid contact transmission of virus.

This pandemic is not resistant to the outside world. The 75% alcohol (ethanol) contained in our ECO BOOM wipes can help inactivate the virus and reduce the probability of "contact transmission".

And it can also inhibit a variety of other bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, etc., especially when touching elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, wipe with a wipes, can remove ordinary wipes can not wipe off the bacteria.

It is very convenient and reliable for daily use, office use and travel.

About the package, the use of open and closed clamshell design, a pack of 60 pieces, sealed after use, to avoid external pollution, also reduce water evaporation.

This kind of wet wipes is made of non-woven fabric with a variety of treatment techniques for raw cotton, which is moist but not wet and full of delicate texture.

It does not drop catkins, but can not be torn by force. Especially when it comes into contact with the skin, it feels soft, caring your delicate skin.

 Usage Scenarios 

Suitable for use in multiple scenarios, such as hands, objects, cars and homes, etc., it can quickly clean, disinfect and fight bacteria, prevent the spread of bacteria from the source, and effectively protect health.

Children's Toys

The Car Interior

Office Supplies

Household Use

Electronic Products

Kitchen Utensils

Skin Surface
Shoes Stain

Public Toilet

 Instructions for Use 

Please uncover the sealing paste on the top of the package carefully.
Remove the wipes from the paper mouth.
Cover the opening to prevent wet wipes from drying out after use.

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