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ECO BOOM in 2022 Mallorca Yoga Festival

ECO BOOM in 2022 Mallorca Yoga Festival


Mallorca Yoga Festival: it is the first international yoga festival in Mallorca held on the island, in the municipality of Calviá.

Good news: 2022 Mallorca Yoga Festival sponsored by ECO BOOM ended successfully!

Mallorca Yoga Festival: it is the first international yoga festival in Mallorca held on the island, in the municipality of Calviá, specifically at the Melani Costa Sports Palace from June 3th to 5th, 2022 .

Mallorca Yoga Festival aims to promote the practice and knowledge of yoga, as well as offer the yogi community of the Balearic Islands access to great international teachers both inside and outside the island.

The mission of Mallorca Yoga Festival is to provide you with an inspiring experience with activities that include meditation, yoga workshops, acroyoga, concerts, yoga philosophy and personal growth.

This exhibition advocates a healthy and sustainable lifestyle which follows ECO BOOM brand concept. Mallorca Yoga Festival got great attention from the following media such as: Última Hora、Diario de Mallorca、Crónica Balear、Mallorca Magazin、Mallorca Daily Bulletin、Diario de Calviá、Uep Mallorca、Tu Peque en Mallorca、Radio Calviá、IB3 radio and Yoga en red.

Our bamboo diapers / sanitary pads / toilet paper / wet wipes were displayed at the exhibition, and our products attracted many environmentalists. The following is the advantages of each product:

ECO BOOM bamboo diapers: 
-Topsheet and backsheet use 100% bamboo viscose that is naturally antibacterial and can be fully biodegradable.

-Total 70.1% of diaper can be fully biodegradable within 147 days while normal diapers may take 500 years.

-Environmental Certificates: FSC / OEKO-TEX / OK biobased.

ECO BOOM bamboo wet wipes
--Use 100% bamboo viscose, made it 100% biodegradable.

--99.7% R.O water, no alcohol and no fragrance.

--Suitable for sensitive skin.

ECO BOOM bamboo toilet paper
---Keep the original color to make it more natural. By removing bleaching process to better protect the environment.

---0% plastic content and with 3 layers of 100% bamboo viscose tissue to make it stronger.

---Bamboo has longer viscose length to make the tissue much softer for gentle care to your sensitive skin.

ECO BOOM sanitary pads:
-100% biodegradable bamboo viscose on topsheet

-FSC certified box.

-biodegradable individual bag

In the future, we will join more and more exhibitions around the world. Looking forward to live sustainable and healthy life with you.  

As we are also a bamboo diaper manufacturers and bamboo wipes supplier, we welcome bulk order inquiries. We also warmly welcome you to be one of ECO BOOM diapers distributors and dealers, if you are interested in our brand.

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