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Here is all you need to know about baby skin care(o^^o)

Our baby's physique is very sensitive and fragile, various body functions are still in the developmental stage, 

a little improper care may cause harm to the baby's body and affect health. 

Especially when caring for baby's skin, mother must pay more attention to these 4 aspects.

 Choosing baby wipes 

Baby wipes are special wipes for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have relatively higher requirements, 

because baby's skin is very delicate and easy to be allergic.


 Lots of Water 

The safest way to clean your baby’s butt is with pure water, but that’s super unrealistic for parents on the go.

The second best option is to find a baby wipe that’s formulated with at least 99% water and without any unnecessary ingredients.



The role of alcohol in wet wipes is mainly sterilization, but alcohol is volatile, it is easy to make the skin lose moisture after wiping, feel tight and dry, 

and cause skin discomfort, so it is not suitable for babies.


Lots of people are sensitive to fragrances. The American Academy of Dermatology, has found that they are the leading cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis.

Another reason to avoid fragrances altogether is because when you see the word “fragrance” on an ingredient list, it often means that 

you aren’t actually reading the whole ingredient list. 

Even though companies are required to list ingredients on their labels, currently there is no requirement to show the full breakdown of all the different things that make up a “fragrance”. That’s how some companies get around using icky ingredients without listing them on their packaging.  


The purpose of the preservative is to protect the product from microbial contamination and extend the shelf life and service life of the product. 

However, improper use of the preservative will cause allergic dermatitis. In addition to fragrances, preservatives are the second most common cause of 

skin irritation and skin irritation.

 Under-sterilized water 

The main component of baby wipes is water. This water must be treated pure water, otherwise bacteria in the water will multiply on the wipes, 

which is harmful to the baby's skin and health.

 ECO BOOM baby wipes 

100% biodegradable bamboo 
Non-irritating for sensitive baby
No alcohol and fragrance
 99.5% R.O.water

 Choosing clothes 

For those who are new parents, it takes skill to choose clothes for the baby. Babies' skin is susceptible to allergies, 

so mother must choose breathable clothes made of pure cotton so that the baby will not develop allergies and is best for the baby's skin. 

Because the baby's bones are very soft, it is recommended that the mother choose the style that is easy to put on and take off. 

The jumpsuit is more suitable for the baby than other clothes. Moreover, the jumpsuit can better cover the baby's small stomach to avoid belly cold.

 Bathing time 

For newborn babies, their skin is more sensitive and their perception of temperature is different from that of adults, so mothers must choose the water temperature suitable for their babies. In general, the most suitable water temperature for new babies is 37-42 degrees Celsius. 

Mother can try the water temperature with your wrist first to avoid scalding the baby's skin. 

You had better keep bathing time for 5-10 minutes to prevent the temperature of the bath water from dropping and let the baby catch cold. 

 Keep butt dry 

If the parents do not change the diaper in time, the baby's butt will be kept in a damp environment for a long time, that will cause red butt easily.

After the baby gets red butt, his emotions will become very irritable. He may be cry more easily or sleep unstable. 

Mom must take precautions in advance to keep the baby's butt dry.

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