Tips for using pull-up pants

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-12
Pull-up pants are used differently than diapers. Many parents still have some misconceptions about this. The most obvious difference between diapers and pull-ups is that one waist is not elastic and the other is elastic, while the adhesive part of the diaper is in the lower abdomen. And the adhesion of the pull-up pants is on both sides of the thigh. Actually, these are not the main differences. The main difference is that lala pants are training pants that can be put on and taken off like a small underwear. It is more difficult to take off. Tops are usually worn after a baby's first birthday. After the baby is gone, he needs to be trained to urinate and defecate. In this way, it is more convenient to pull up the pants, which is equivalent to wearing pure cotton underwear for the baby, which can achieve the purpose of training and prevent the baby from urinating. Although it is convenient, it is more expensive than diapers, so I recommend that mothers do not need to use any diapers at home and choose diapers or pull-ups when they go out. For playful babies, tops are recommended as they do not require the baby to lie flat on the bed. Many older babies punch and kick every time they change their diapers. It is not easy for the mother to perform surgery. Too many, simply because babies don't need the ability to lie flat and you can choose to pull up the pants when it's inconvenient to go out. Baby diapers are better for younger babies because they poop more and can't stand, which defeats the point of using pull-ups. At present, there are generally three styles of pull-up pants on the market: M/L/XL, some brands also have XXL styles, the smallest style is usually M, which is suitable for babies over 6kg and 7kg. Therefore, the editor believes that, in general, babies can roll over or crawl after wearing pull-up pants.
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