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"Zero Waste" Life Guide

"Zero Waste" Life Guide


Have you ever noticed how much garbage you generate every day?

Without urgent action, global waste will increase by 70 percent on current levels by 2050, according to the World Bank’s new What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050 report.

In fact, there is a lifestyle called "Zero Waste" in the world!

The 5R principles of Zero Waste are: 







Refuse: Refuse what is not needed 

The word rejection sounds a bit unsympathetic, but it is an important part of a "zero waste" life. For example: When going out shopping, can we refuse the plastic bags and plastic cups provided by the other party and bring them ourselves instead? When family members or friends give some unwanted gifts out of good intentions, can we tactfully refuse? When businesses give gifts for marketing purposes, can we resist the "temptation"? This seems to be saying no to convenience, goodwill, and cheapness, but in fact, it saves the trouble of follow-up processing and reduces the pressure on the environment.

Reduce: Reduce the necessary things 

There are many ways to reduce the use of essential items in life. When buying something, you might as well ask yourself: "Do I really need it, or do I think I need it?" For essential daily necessities, you can reduce the amount or seek a relatively environmentally friendly alternative.

1️⃣ Bring a reusable tote bag to the grocery store

2️⃣ Use reusable water bottles and cups

3️⃣ Choose tree-free toilet paper like ECO BOOM bamboo toilet paper

4️⃣ Say no to polyester wipes and start using 100% biodegradable ECO BOOM bamboo wet wipes instead

5️⃣ Switch to ECO BOOM bamboo diaper which can reduce 30% plastic waste

Reuse: Reuse old things 

Many old things can be reused without the need to purchase new products. Lauren Singer, who strictly practices a zero-waste lifestyle, said that she never buys new clothes and only chooses suitable old clothes in the vintage market. For things that only need to be used for a short period of time (early adopters), renting is also a good way.

Recycle & Rot: Properly handle 

The last link in a zero-waste life is garbage disposal. For the inevitable garbage, we can adopt proper recycling (Recycle) and compost (Rot) methods. We can classify the garbage according to the standards of the city where it is located and discard it. The peels, vegetables, leaves, hair, and nails in the domestic waste can be used for composting (Rot). If you plant flowers, plants, and grass, you can bury this part of the organic waste in the soil as fertilizer.


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