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The Surprising Toxicity Of Everyday Products

The Surprising Toxicity Of Everyday Products


Whether it's baby products, pet supplies, clothing, or personal care items, the products we purchase are expected to be non-toxic and perfectly safe. However...

Whether it's baby products, pet supplies, clothing, or personal care items, the products we purchase are expected to be non-toxic and perfectly safe. However, this isn't the case for a surprising number of products. In fact, over 150 chemicals found in the average American home have been linked to allergies, psychological disorders, birth defects, and cancers. Approximately 70,000 chemical compounds have been newly invented and used in the home and local environment since 1950 without prior testing for toxicity. In the last 20 years, the rate of asthma in the U.S. has tripled to 30 million cases. There are an unfortunate number of products that are contaminated or created with harmful chemicals. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives for you and your families.


Baby Products 

Babies eat four times the amount of food per pound of body weight. They also breathe two times the amount of air per pound of body weight compared to the average adult. This makes infants more vulnerable to food and air contaminants. However, it isn't only food and air contaminants that can affect a baby's health.

Danger in the Diaper 

According to the Archives of Environmental Health, studies have shown that conventional disposable diapers commonly used by parents release volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs include chemicals such as xylene, ethylbenzene, toluene, and dipentene. When these chemicals come into contact with a child's skin, they can cause long-term health problems such as childhood asthma and cancer. Conventional disposable diapers have also have also been known to cause harsh diaper rash. A study showed disposable diapers sometimes used dyes that contained heavy metals. When these dyes came into contact with the skin of a child, it resulted in irritant diaper dermatitis, or diaper rash.

What's The Alternative? 

ECO BOOM bamboo diaper and plant-based diaper must be your best choice. They are free from heavy metals, lead, latex, chlorine, lotions and fragrance.

PBTs In Children's Toys 

Bioaccumulative toxins, or PBTs, have been regularly found in playmats and plastic children's toys in recent years. PBTs such as cadmium, have been known to cause serious health issues such as damage to the kidneys, lungs, and bones. It's also a common cause of cancer. Children's toys have also been known to contain Brominated Flame Retardants, or BFRs, as well as arsenic. BFRs have been shown to cause delayed physical and mental development and thyroid problems. Exposure to arsenic also reduces cognitive function while raising the risk of fetal mortality.


What's The Alternative?

It's surprisingly easy to cut out plastic toys from your child's playtime. A wide variety of companies made children's toys from natural, unfinished wood so you don't have to worry about your child gnawing on BFRs. Some companies will also finish their wood toys with organic oils and beeswax. For softer toys like stuffed animals and dolls, consider organic options. Just like eco-friendly disposable diapers, the organic label will help keep pesticides from passing from the fiber to your child's hands and mouth.

Personal Care Products 

Personal care products have had past problems with the general public due to animal testing. However, the issue with health and beauty supplies goes beyond animal welfare.


Parabens In Synthetic Fragrances 

Perfumes have been around for thousands of years. But only in modern times have these synthetic fragrances contained chemicals such as parabens, aldehydes, and benzene derivatives. These chemicals have been linked to detrimental health issues such as nervous system problems and cancers. They've also been linked to skin allergic reactions and dermatitis.

What's The Alternative? 

Consider using natural fragrances rather than synthetic ones. These fragrances use organic ingredients and include extracts from various plants and fruits such as vanilla and peach. Many also base their fragrances with essential oils like lavender and bergamot, which improve mood and blood circulation. What's more is that these natural fragrances aren't any more expensive than synthetic fragrances.

Household Cleaning Products 

Common household cleaning products are loaded with harsh chemicals, many of which are toxic. But did you know these toxins can still affect you even when you're not touching them directly?


The Dangers Of All-Purpose Cleaners 

All-purpose cleaners are great for cleaning every room and surface of the house. Unfortunately, they're also great for causing damage to the eyes and lungs. This is because all-purpose cleaners typically contain chemicals like ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, and sodium hypochlorite. These chemicals can cause anything from skin rashes to brain and kidney damage. And, when mixed with other cleaning solutions such as ammonia and chlorine, these chemicals can go from dangerous to outright deadly.


What's The Alternative? 

Try cleaning products that are plant-based or use ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. These products use enzymes that break down stains and odors. In fact, baking soda and water used together in a homemade recipe can remove everyday stains.


TRY ECO BOOM Bamboo Wipes and Toilet Paper 

ECO Bamboo Baby Wipes are safely prepared for the sensitive skin of your baby. Our wipes do not contain any fragrance. They are as gentle as lint and water, making them suitable for use from birth. The moist and fresh wipes are gently made to clean your baby’s body including hands and face. It’s an unscented and 99.5% water formula and can be directly used for the baby’s skin. Bamboo wipes are made from bamboo to make it 100% biodegradable.

ECO BOOM bamboo toilet paper, is made from 100% bamboo fiber which is super soft and ultra-sustainable.And our packaging is 100% recyclable and 0% plastic,making it ideal for environmental enthusiasts.No chlorine,pesticides, B.P.A. and fragrances,suitable for sensitive skin.

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