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ECO BOOM in Europe

ECO BOOM in Europe


ECO BOOM now is available in Italy / UK / Norway /  Ireland / Belgium / Romania

Compliance of Europe 

ECO BOOM has successfully registered trademarks in UK and the European Union with an R mark. This means that ECO BOOM enjoys trademark rights in these countries and is protected by the laws of the local countries.

In addition, ECO BOOM has landed on US Amazon in Oct 2017 and UK Amazon in Sep 2020. ECO BOOM now has five Amazon sites in Europe: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain. We have paid VAT regularly in these countries.

ECO BOOM is highly recognized in Europe, it is worth mentioning that our bamboo baby diapers have got many environmental certificates, such as OEKO-TEX® and OK biobased which are issued by European renowned institutions.

ECO BOOM Hits All Over the World 

ECO BOOM has officially landed on five continents in March 2021, now you can even buy ECO BOOM products in Africa.

ECO BOOM now is available in over 22 countries with 38 agents!

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