There are many factors that lead to red buttocks

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-22

There are many factors that lead to red buttocks:

1. The baby's own function is not perfect

2. When the season changes or symptoms such as diarrhea and cold occur, the baby's resistance will suddenly drop, and the skin is relatively easy to be affected by the outside world, and the risk of red buttocks has increased a lot. In addition, the spicy diet of breastfeeding mothers can also lead to the onset of red buttocks in babies.

You can switch to cloth diapers, which are naturally antibacterial and do not contain chemical ingredients;

Paper diapers, easy to replace, disposable products, no need to wash;

Types of diapers: baby diapers, adult diapers;

Strengthening nutrition, reasonable diet, disease prevention, etc. can enhance the baby's resistance, thereby reducing the probability of red buttocks.

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