The most practical common sense of diapers that mothers should know

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-11
Spring and summer are intertwined, and the weather is starting to heat up. Mothers have basically run out of diapers that they stocked up years ago and need to buy diapers. Do you need to buy ultra-thin diapers because the weather is hot? In this article, I will explain to you the nine super practical common sense of diapers that mothers should know most. A: The weather is hot, the thinner the diaper, the better? Many mothers think that because the weather is very hot, the thinner the diaper, the better, but in fact, it is necessary to choose the thin and thick one. Because the thin and thick products are suitable for the baby to wear, they are dry and not wet, and if they are too thin, the water absorption cannot be guaranteed, causing diaper rash. Two: Will diapers affect the baby's physical development? This problem will not occur. The baby's reproductive age will be many years later, so there is no need to worry about this problem. Three: Are the O-shaped legs caused by diapers? The fetus will keep its limbs curled up in the womb, which looks like O-shaped legs, but as long as the baby learns to stand and walk, its load-bearing state will also change. , O-legs will gradually improve. Fourth: Are diapers a factor that causes red buttocks in babies? No, this phenomenon is caused by the contact of urine and feces on the skin. Change the diapers in time, or apply a butt care cream. Five: At what stage can the baby not wear diapers? It is usually at the age of two, but it is not certain. If the baby has the ability to express the ability to go to the toilet, he can no longer wear diapers at this time. Six: What is a high-quality diaper? Can the back be pulled up a little bit, can the diapers in the legs be mentioned under the navel, and the Velcro Can it be firmly attached? After wearing, can the folds around the thighs be sorted out and whether the sides can stand up? Can the gap between the thighs and the diaper be a finger away?
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