The fit of diapers is very important

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-15

It is very important to choose the right diapers for the baby, because the baby wears the same diapers every day. The diapers that fit the body are not only comfortable but also effective in preventing leakage, so that the baby can wear them comfortably and move freely. Let's talk to you about this issue.

The first step is to choose the right size. How do you know what size your baby is wearing? Leakage, red marks, gaps, or diapers that look like 'bikinis' all mean that the diapers don't fit properly. Pay attention to the above characteristics and the weight chart on the diaper packaging can help you choose according to the baby's age and stage. If your baby's weight is close to the upper limit of the scale, you may consider changing to a new size.

A good fit also depends on the shape of the diaper. When you open a piece of diaper, if the ribbon cutting around the legs is a streamlined design, the baby will be more comfortable and fit when wearing the diaper and sleep better.

It is very necessary for the diapers to fit well, because it is related to the baby's feeling and health.

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