Price analysis and comparison of diaper and baby diaper manufacturers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-24

As a parent of a newborn baby, you change diapers 10 times a day - after reading this article, you can become a diaper changing expert. You have to change a lot of diapers every day (average 10 a day), so it is very important to learn and practice early. Today's disposable diapers can prevent urine from leaking out. It is almost impossible to determine whether it is wet by touching it. Therefore, you should plan to change the diapers regularly after each baby eats or defecates. If the remnant umbilical cord of the newborn baby has not fallen off, choose diapers with trimmed edges (or fold the edges of conventional diapers). Every time you change your baby's diapers, be sure to clean the stump of the umbilical cord with a wet cotton ball or swab.
In order to help you change diapers better, here are some small suggestions: Whenever you change diapers, be sure to use wet wipes. When the diaper is soiled, wet wipes must be kept at hand.
If you want to use ointment or petroleum jelly to prevent your baby's diaper rash, be sure to do it before changing into a clean diaper. Disposable diapers are easy to carry, do not need to be cleaned, and are easy to change, but babies with allergic skin must be changed frequently, otherwise it will easily lead to red buttocks. Bamboo fiber diapers are widely used and popular diapers. They are softer and more breathable. They have natural antibacterial properties, are not easy to produce peculiar smell, and are easy to clean. They are welcomed by mothers. However, compared with cotton diapers, the price higher. Compared with paper diapers, cloth diapers are better for the baby's butt, but they are inconvenient to carry.
Human beings have made the most progress in science and technology. Paper-crafted smart diapers, sanitary pads, etc. are one of the important manifestations of human technology. These products not only greatly facilitate people's handling of some things, but also provide more advanced hygiene assurance. Comparing traditional diapers with paper diapers alone, in terms of air permeability, traditional diapers are of course better, and much better, because they only have cloth and no water-proof substances. But it is very unfair to use such comparison results to judge the pros and cons of the two. Because when using traditional diapers, people usually use a layer of water-proof thing on the outer layer of the diaper: absolutely airtight plastic paper. Therefore, it is only fair that we should compare the 'full version' of traditional diapers with this layer of non-breathable diapers and paper diapers. (Okay) The diapers are made of non-woven fabric, lined with materials that only let air in and out but not water molecules, so although the air permeability cannot be compared with pure cloth, it is better than the 'full version' traditional diapers. much better. But people often ignore the fairness of this comparison, leading to the phenomenon of being one-sided to traditional diapers.

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