How to change diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-20
1. Prepare warm water, clean dry towels, disinfected toilet paper and clean diapers, etc.

2. Untie the old diapers, hold the baby's two ankles with the thumb and middle finger, place the index finger in the middle of the ankles, gently pick up the legs and buttocks, and take out the old diapers.

3. Cover and fold the old diapers into the dirt bucket. During this period, the children must not be separated, and the dirt bucket should be placed next to it in advance.

4. Rinse the baby's buttocks with clean warm water. If one person cannot wash it, put the water in a basin and wash it with your hands. It can also be gently scrubbed with ready-made disinfectant wet wipes. Pay attention to cleaning the skin folds. Finally, dry the skin with a dry towel.

5. Unwrap the new diaper and place it under the baby's buttocks. Uncover the waist stickers on both sides, and stick them firmly at the proper elastic position. That is, to maintain a better leak-proof effect, but not to be too tight.

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