Baby diapers should be soft, breathable and non-irritating

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-25

Newborns have sensitive skin, and the safe and soft material can avoid friction. After the baby is excreted, parents must change the baby's diapers in time, so as to effectively avoid red buttocks and diaper rash. However, many newborn babies excrete irregularly, which makes it difficult for novice parents to grasp. Therefore, when choosing diapers, we should not only pay attention to thickness and water absorption strength, but choose light, breathable and breathable diapers according to the baby's skin and seasonal characteristics. Type diapers.

Elasticity is also a very important element for comfortable and leak-proof wearing. Many mothers choose all-round elastic diapers, mainly because of the embracing elastic waist and elastic waist stickers. The benefits are:

When the baby starts to twist, sit up, turn over, kick, crawl, walk, the waist and legs start to have a lot of movement. The all-round elastic diapers can fit the baby's movements well and avoid red marks and friction.

As the baby's activity increases, diapers with elastic waist can also avoid falling and make the baby more comfortable.

When the baby eats before and after meals, the belly will also deflate or bulge, and the elastic waist band can be well matched.

The wide and elastic back waist can also avoid back leakage

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