The 'new method of urinating' has two major harms to children

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-18
Sure enough, the hard work paid off. Ms. Zhang finally learned about a popular 'new method of urinating' from other mothers. Different from the previous way of urinating, this urination method is to control the baby's urination time. Not to mention, this trick is very useful. Forcibly control the baby's urination time, and urinate the baby at the specified time. This trick really worked, and the baby did pee out. However, what caught Ms. Zhang by surprise was that as the number of urinations increased, the baby urinated more and more frequently, and sometimes the baby urinated again before the specified time. Seeing that the baby was urinating frequently, the mother panicked completely and took the baby to the hospital for examination. As a result, the doctor said that there was a problem with the baby's urination system, and the new method of passing urine was not suitable for small babies, which would cause serious harm to the baby. The 'new method of passing urine' has two major harms to children. ① It is likely to affect the baby's voluntary urination. The baby is prone to frequent urination. The baby is under one and a half years old, and the function of voluntary defecation is not fully developed. Autonomous control of bowel movements. However, as the baby grows up, the elasticity of the bladder sphincter gradually increases, and the urine storage capacity also increases, and the urethral sphincter and anal sphincter can gradually control the bladder and bowels. The autonomy of the baby to defecate and urinate will tend to be perfected around the age of 3. Before that, mothers frequently set the time to urinate the baby, which would reduce the stimulation of the sphincter when the bladder is full, resulting in the baby's bladder reflex stimulation is not strong and sensitive enough, and the baby's voluntary urination function is affected. If the baby's bladder sphincter is not fully exercised and lacks the stimulation of holding back urine, the bladder capacity will become smaller, and the baby will have frequent urination. In addition, if the mother urinates the baby for a long time and the baby cannot urinate, the mother still keeps it still and frequently urinates. Then, the baby is also prone to anal fissure or anal prolapse. ②It may affect the development of the baby's hip joint and spine. The baby's body is very delicate and immature. If the mother urinates the baby for a long time, it may cause uneven stress on the spine and hip joint. The more frequent urination, the more It is easy to displace the baby's hip joint. If you urinate for a long time and the pressure is too high, the baby's spine is also prone to bending deformities. Usually, the baby urinates very frequently, but there is no specific time point for the baby to urinate. It's a little too early for a baby under one and a half years old to wean off diapers! A 1.5-year-old baby has no way to urinate and defecate on his own. At this time, the mother wants to use the 'new urination method' to specify the urination time point for the baby, and to regulate the baby's urination habits, which is a bit unlikely. Forcing a new type of urine training on the baby will only hurt the baby's body, affect the baby's autonomous urination, delay the development of the hip joint and spine, and be harmful to the baby. The reason why diaper rash occurs is largely because the baby's hygiene work is not done well, so for the baby's health, the baby should be cleaned frequently. Generally, the baby can be washed with warm water after urinating and defecation. Buttocks, in addition, you should apply buttock oil to the baby's buttocks to take care of the baby's small buttocks. In addition, you can also use a cotton ball to dip an appropriate amount of body lotion to wipe the baby, but the amount should be controlled, otherwise it may cause The baby's skin is damaged. Two: Change diapers or diapers in time. Parents need to pay attention to the following details when changing diapers or diapers for babies. First, after cleaning the baby's buttocks, change the baby's clean diapers or diapers. It greatly reduces the possibility of diaper rash. In addition, when buying diapers or diapers, you need to pay attention to whether the quality of diapers or diapers is good. If the quality of diapers or diapers is not good, even if they are changed frequently, it is easy to cause diaper rash. Three: The redness of the buttocks should be dealt with in time. When we find that the baby's buttocks are red, we need to pay attention, because this may be a manifestation of the baby's diaper rash. In this case, the baby's diaper must be changed frequently, and it must be Every time you change the diaper, wash the part of the skin contacted by the diaper with water, and then absorb the moisture on the baby's buttocks, and it is best to use air-drying to remove the moisture, and apply a protective cream to the reddened part. Form a barrier to avoid the supermarket with excessive skin. In addition, when changing diapers, you need to pay attention to the gentleness of your hands, so as not to increase the baby's emotions due to diaper rash.
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