The details that should be paid attention to when changing diapers for babies

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-12

There are still many people who know that diapers are better than diapers, convenient, and effective. The most important thing is that diapers have stronger air permeability and moisture absorption than baby diapers. In fact, people who have such thoughts should not understand that science and technology are so advanced now, and all aspects of medical research are developed. Although the use of diapers has a relatively long history, we who live in such a modern and advanced science and technology may wish to use good quality and hygienic diapers. At present, on the market, diapers are basically disposable, and they are very convenient to carry and easy to replace. However, for traditional diapers, its replacement is not as convenient, and diapers are basically reused, so it is difficult to ensure that their hygiene is passed.

The details that should be paid attention to when changing diapers for babies.

1. Raise your baby's feet too high

When many mothers change their baby's diapers, they like to lift the baby's legs with both hands and let the buttocks vacate, so that the diapers can be placed directly under the baby's buttocks.

But in fact, not only the buttocks are vacated, but the baby's entire back is also off the mat. Coupled with the high frequency of changing diapers every day, it means that the baby has to repeat this action many times, which can easily damage the baby's developing spine.

The correct way is to gently lift the baby's butt with your hands or grab the baby's ankles with your hands and lift them up slightly.

2. The baby has a diaper rash and wipes it with a paper towel

The baby's buttocks are red. If you wipe the buttocks with wet paper towels or paper towels at this time, it will aggravate the eczema.

The correct way should be to wash it with clean water, and after cleaning, use a cotton cloth to gently dry the water on the baby's buttocks.

3. After changing the diapers, the baby will be 'wall-dong'

After changing the diapers, mothers love to tease the baby, like giving him a wall. Firstly, this may scare the baby to cry, and secondly, after repeated 'scaring' several times, the baby may resist changing diapers.

Therefore, after changing the diapers, it is best to put the baby lightly and let him move freely for a while.

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