New wet wipe products will come out

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-20
Most of the traditional wet wipes sold in the market are spunlace cloth, dust-free paper, and wet-strength paper, which cannot be flushed directly into the toilet. They are not flushable and biodegradable, and will cause pollution to sewers and urban sewage treatment systems, etc. series of questions. The development of meltable wet wipes has successfully solved this problem, and can effectively reduce the amount of landfill and incineration of domestic waste, which meets the requirements of ecological and environmental protection. The project adopts the advanced process materials of American Astrolon and is equipped with advanced processing equipment. In less than half a year of trial production, it has occupied a share in the American market and has been unanimously recognized by the environmental protection department. The development prospect is very promising.

Due to the relatively low consumption of wet wipes in the domestic market, meltable wet wipes have not yet been put on the agenda. Coupled with people's consumption concepts and habits, toilet facilities, sewers and many other factors, the market has not yet formed. However, the advent of this new material and the formation of products are undoubtedly a challenge to China's domestic wet wipes market.

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