How old should a baby stop using diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-27

Knowledge 1. When choosing a diaper model for your baby, should it be bigger or just right?

Under normal circumstances, it is better to choose a more suitable diaper for the baby. Although diapers have model restrictions, each model has a certain weight range, so you should find diapers that are suitable for your baby's weight. A size that is too large is prone to urine leakage, and a size that is too small will cause rewet because the urine retained is more than the diaper can bear, and the diaper that is too tight will damage the baby's delicate skin.

Knowledge 2. What kind of diapers are easy to move around without stretching the baby's thighs?

There are two little tricks. One is the design of waist circumference and waist stickers. There is a diaper with a 360-degree elastic waist and waist sticker design, so that the active baby can easily turn left and right before and after meals. The second is the design of the leak-proof partition. Choose diapers with Lycra elastic double leak-proof partitions, which are not only elastic, but also minimize the irritation to the baby's delicate skin, and will not cause red marks on the baby's thighs. the

Knowledge 3. What should be paid attention to when wearing diapers for children in summer?

The most important thing to pay attention to is whether the baby's butt will get diaper rash. Parents need to check the 'enemy situation' on the baby's buttocks, thighs, and vulva folds frequently. Choosing ultra-breathable diapers, especially in summer, can greatly reduce the incidence of diaper rash.

Knowledge 4. Will the air permeability of diapers be weakened in summer?

The air permeability of diapers is the same all year round. It's just that in summer, the temperature is relatively high, the baby's metabolism is fast, and the diapers are frequent, which makes the diapers a bit 'covered'. As long as they are changed more frequently, there will be no problem.

Knowledge 5. How old should babies stop using diapers?

Usually, when the baby can take the initiative to tell you that he wants to 'poop' or 'pee', the diapers can be 'laid off'.

Knowledge 6. How often should a baby change baby diapers when sleeping at night?

Mothers can decide according to the number of times their baby urinates and the quality of the diapers they choose. They should choose diapers with strong absorption capacity and a three-layer water-locking system. When you wake up at night, you can touch your baby's diaper, if it is bulging, it means it's time to change to a new one. I can only work hard for my parents, get up and change the baby's diapers.

Knowledge 7. Can boys and girls use the same diapers?

sure. It is best to choose a diaper with a longer inner urine-absorbing layer for the baby. In this way, whether it is a boy or a girl, the urine will be absorbed quickly after urinating, reducing the contact time between the skin and the urine.

Knowledge 8. How to prevent back leakage of urine?

Two aspects should be paid attention to in order to prevent post-urinary leakage. One is to choose the right model, and the other is the skills when wearing diapers. First spread out the diapers and put them under the baby's buttocks. The back should be placed slightly higher than the abdomen to prevent urine from leaking from the back; Align the waist patch and stick it well, don't stick it too tightly, just fit. If you choose elastic, non-adhesive waist stickers, the diapers will be more docile, and will not change positions as the baby rolls.

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