How much is wholesale diapers? How to know the quality of diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-10
In the past, diapers were mainly used by children, but now the applicable groups of diapers are more and more widely, and they are no longer exclusive to children. Therefore, some people want to do wholesale diapers, and the key to wholesale diapers is To see whether the quality of diapers meets the standard, many diapers are recycled and reused, so choosing the right diapers is the key. How to know the quality of the diaper? Diapers are used for special people, so the anti-allergy of diapers is very strong, and the selected materials are all safe and pollution-free materials, and how to know whether the material is not Safe and pollution-free? First of all, it is to see whether the material feels smooth to the touch, rough diapers do not feel good to the touch, and the effect of use is not good. The second is to see if the diapers have used fluorescent agents, because fluorescent agents contacting the skin will cause allergic reactions to the skin, so when checking diapers, use fluorescent agents to check whether there are fluorescent agents in the diapers. The key point is the hydrophilicity of diapers, because most diapers are used by people with abnormal urinary systems, so the hydrophilicity of diapers is very important. No leaks. How much does wholesale diapers cost? Diapers are disposable products, so their price is relatively cheap. When wholesale diapers, you can first ask what material the diapers are made of, and then negotiate the price. All in all, the wholesale price of diapers is relatively cheap, and you can negotiate the price with confidence. Secondly, the choice of wholesale manufacturers should focus on the quality of diapers. If the quality of diapers is not up to standard, you must not choose them, otherwise consumers will not use them well. Complaints may be made.
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