How many parents don't know how to change their baby's diaper

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-07
I believe that all parents will not be unfamiliar with diapers. After the baby is born, it is not necessary to drink milk powder or nutritional supplements. But have you ever heard parents say that their kids don't need diapers? Diapers have become a necessity for babies when they are young. But you know, in fact, diapers are a lot of knowledge. Today we will talk about how to choose diapers correctly and the correct way to wear diapers. You can see how many parents are doing it wrong. Diapers are generally divided into three types: diapers, diapers, and pull-up pants. And these three correspond to different age groups of babies. Diapers are generally for babies who are just 1-2 months old. When a baby is born, he doesn't roll over, so this diaper design has no magic stickers, just put it under the baby's fart and use it. Diapers are for babies who can't stand up, and they have magic stickers on them. You don't have to worry about getting your clothes dirty as your baby rolls over and crawls around. That pull-up trousers is actually equivalent to a small pair of underwear, more suitable for kids who can already run back and forth. The more common problems of wearing diapers are: urine leakage and red urine. In fact, there are many reasons for urine leakage, the size is wrong, the diaper has no side leakage design, and the water absorption capacity is too poor, causing reverse osmosis. Then, this is a better solution. Parents can change the size of diapers. Secondly, when buying diapers, there must be a design that leaks from the side. This design can greatly reduce the leakage of urine. In some cases, parents can buy and try clothes to see which is more suitable for the baby, without spending money. The reason for the baby's red fart is relatively simple. It may be allergic to diapers, and if the diaper has not been changed for a long time, the urine seeps into the skin and causes bacterial infection and redness. A diaper change is not about lifting a baby's legs as high as possible. When a baby's legs are lifted too high, the only thing that supports the body is the spine, because the spine is very harmful to the baby's spine. After a baby has a bowel movement, parents wipe the baby's fart with a wet towel, but in fact, if the disinfectant on the wet towel is not clean, it will stay around the baby's fart. After entering the intestines, the baby will have diarrhea. The tighter the diapers, the better. Too tight diapers will make the baby's blood not smooth. Generally, after the baby puts on the diaper, it is most suitable for parents to put their hands on two fingers.
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