High-quality diapers are more popular

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-09

High-quality personalization is more popular

The bigger the cake in the market, the more companies enter the market, and the competition is bound to be more intense. It is understood that in order to expand market share, major merchants, in addition to enriching product lines and expanding new bases, have also begun to vigorously expand market segments. At present, they have launched baby growth stages, gender, daily and night use and other sub-categories. product. The demand for high-quality diapers is increasing, and parents are more willing to buy high-quality baby products for their babies and give them the best.

In this regard, Wang Guizhong, director of the diaper development department of Hengan Group, believes that the rise of the diaper industry will undergo gradual consolidation, reshuffle and final industry integration. 'Just like the sanitary napkin market more than ten years ago, it will go through such a process.' Wang Guizhong said that as long as the company finds its own brand and market positioning, and persists in it for a long time, it may stand out in the constant reshuffle.

The development trend of my country's baby diaper industry is personalization on the one hand and high quality on the other. As more post-80s become parents, they have greater demand for the product quality and personalization of baby diapers, which will inevitably make merchants work hard in these two aspects. In order to refine the market, we must also pay attention to the design details of adding popular elements to products, and increase research and development efforts in terms of product comfort and humanization.

Therefore, my country's baby products should improve quality, strengthen quality supervision, and cater to the needs of the market.

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