Diapers, lala pants, can't tell the difference?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-05
In the impression of many new mothers, diapers are a general concept. Diapers, diapers, and pull-up pants are all commonly used items for babies, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For babies of different ages, or in different scenarios, the use of diapers and pull-up pants needs to be paid attention to. Here is a guide for the use of diapers for those novice mothers. The difference between diapers and pull-up pants 1. The weight of the baby used is different The models of diapers and pull-up pants are selected according to the weight of the baby. Diapers are divided into NB size, suitable for less than 5 kg; S size, suitable for 3-8 kg; M size, suitable for 6-11 kg; L size, suitable for 9-14 kg; XL size for more than 12 kg. Depending on the brand, the weight classification is slightly different, and diapers are generally not divided into men and women. Lala pants are mainly divided into three models: L, XL and XXL. If the baby weighs more than 10-14 kg, they can wear lala pants. Lala pants are divided into male and female models. 2. Different waist design The most obvious difference between diapers and pull-up pants is that one waist is not elastic, the other is elastic, the diapers are glued on the lower abdomen, and the pull-up pants are glued on both sides of the thigh. The diapers use Velcro buttons to adjust the elasticity in the waistline design, while the pull-up pants have a pre-set elastic waistline, so there is no need to worry about the baby accidentally pulling the buckles apart and causing dirt to leak out. 3. Different functional design Lala pants are training pants, they can be put on and taken off like panties, and diapers have the function of diapers. Once put on, it is quite cumbersome to take off. If the baby can sit, crawl, and walk, and needs to train for bowel movements, he needs to pull up the pants to help, which is equivalent to wearing a cotton underwear that is easy to take off and does not affect the baby's activities, which can achieve the purpose of training. It also prevents the baby from peeing his pants. If you use soft skin-friendly natural cotton pull-up pants (pants-type diapers), the material is as soft and comfortable as cotton, which can gently fit the baby's movements, making the baby more free and happy. It is more suitable for young babies to choose diapers, because they defecate more often, and they can't stand, so they lose the meaning of using pull-up pants. 4. The price is different The price of pull-up pants is higher than that of diapers. If the baby is in the age where both can be used, it is recommended that mothers choose to use pull-up pants and diapers according to the actual situation. How to choose pull-up pants and diapers? Babies at low months should choose diapers with high quality and low price. The tailoring that fits the baby's body shape and the application of adhesive buckles make it more comfortable and convenient to wear. Lala pants are mainly designed to adapt to the baby's crawling, standing, walking and running after the baby's ability to move gradually increases. Therefore, if the baby can sit, especially after crawling, you can consider using pull-up pants, or you can use pull-up pants when using M or L size diapers, but remember not to be too early, and diapers can be used during excessive periods It is also very convenient to put on and take off while standing without the baby lying down. Precautions for the use of diapers and pull-up pants Many times, mothers complain that the quality of diapers is not good, but it is actually because of improper use. When using pull-up pants and diapers, there are also a lot of points to pay attention to: 1. When the diaper joints are to stick to both sides of the sticky diapers, be careful not to directly touch the sticky parts with your fingers, and do not let talcum powder, water and other substances enter the sticky area. and parts, otherwise it will cause stickiness and instability. The tightness should be suitable. You can use your fingers to insert your finger into the gap between the worn diaper and the waist to feel it. Too loose or too tight is not suitable. 2. Pay attention to allergies. You should closely observe the usage of your baby's diapers and pull-up pants. You don't need to buy more at first. If there are trial packs or small packages, you can try them on your baby first. If you have allergies, you should replace them immediately. 3. Master the appropriate replacement time It is found that the diaper has become significantly heavy, or the baby should be replaced in time after defecation. Unabsorbed excreta can irritate your baby's skin and make your baby cry. In addition, it is more suitable to change the diaper before the baby goes to sleep and after waking up, and changing the diaper during sleep will affect the baby's sleep. 4. The size should be suitable. Don't forcefully use the size that is no longer suitable, even if you buy too much, don't use it, it will only make the baby more uncomfortable, and it is not good for the baby's physical development. TIPS: Steps for changing diapers The baby is lying on the bed, put the diaper mattress under the baby, remove the wet diaper, lift the baby's feet up and fix it, and wipe it from top to bottom with a wet tissue. After wiping, lift your baby's hips up. Place the tape part of the diaper towards the baby's waist, place it under the baby's buttocks, and wrap the diaper.
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