Baby, when these three signals appear, you should quit diapers in time

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-16
Every summer, parents see their babies wearing thick diapers, and they can't help worrying: will they cover their red buttocks, and when will they be able to wean their children off diapers? As children grow up, quitting diapers has become a topic for parents, but when to quit is also very important. Depending on the child's physical growth and development, quitting too early or too late is not good for the child. But there is no fully unified answer to when a child should wean off diapers. Because every child grows and develops at a different rate, the age at which we can quit diapers is also different. When a child has the following three signals, he should consider quitting diapers: 1. The child can flexibly do squatting, lifting, etc.; 2. He is gradually curious about his parents going to the toilet, and even follows his parents into the toilet to observe; 3. The child gets The time interval between soiled and damaged diapers is getting longer and longer, showing a state of regularity. When the child has the above three manifestations, it is the best time to quit diapers. Under normal circumstances, children enter the best period to quit diapers around the age of 2. At this time, the growth and development of the sphincter muscles are mature, and the growth and development of large movements have been basically completed. Weaning diapers too early or too late can have a negative impact on a child's growth and development. Disadvantages of quitting diapers too early: Some things in children are not the sooner the better, including quitting diapers. Prematurely weaning the child from diapers and finishing the feces and urination will damage the child's hip joints; frequent use of the toilet at night will affect the child's sleep; the child will be scolded by the parents for unintentionally pulling on the clothes or bed trauma. Disadvantages of quitting diapers too late: Failure to help children quit diapers too late will also cause adverse effects, making children overly dependent on diapers, making it more and more difficult to quit, and hindering the cultivation of children's self-consciousness ; After going to kindergarten, children still use diapers, which is easy to be ridiculed and excluded, which is harmful to children's mental health. Diapers should be gradually weaned off by the age of two at the latest, not later. Therefore, when the child is around 2 years old, when the above three signals appear, parents should gradually wean him off diapers. How to wean off baby's diapers? 1. Buy children's toilets for babies. Children's toilets are suitable for children's body design, and the cute shape will attract children's interest in using them. Even if the child is just beginning to play with the toilet as a toy, it is not for nothing. 2. Follow the regularity of your baby's bowel movements. Parents should follow the regularity of their child's defecation. For example, if the child wants to defecate when he wakes up, he should take the child to the toilet as soon as he wakes up, and guide the child to defecate on his own. Assuming that he does not have a fixed time for defecation, he can also try to sit on his own toilet at intervals of 3 to 4 hours.
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