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by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-23

A newborn is like a delicate porcelain doll. Since the number and time of urination of a newborn is uncertain, keeping the baby's butt dry requires hard work in changing diapers. But as a novice parent, sometimes I feel that I can't complete such a thing by myself. Even if I complete it by myself, most of the time I will be in a hurry, and there will be many irregularities in the operation process. So how do you change a baby's diaper?

1. Choose a suitable place: choose a relatively flat place, generally speaking, choose a bed, sofa or floor, where the baby will feel more comfortable and will not have a sense of fear. But at this time, parents still need to pay attention to the safety of the baby. For example, when changing on the bed or on the diaper changing table, it is necessary to prevent the baby from rolling off.

2. Prepare properly: Before changing diapers, first clean your hands, and then prepare unused clean diapers, trash cans, baby-specific wipes and nappy cream, so that there will be no diapers when changing diapers. In a hurry, I feel that I have no skills at all.

3. How to stack diapers: After everything is ready, you can start changing diapers. Generally speaking, two diapers are used at a time. These two diapers should be stacked into two different shapes before use, one stacked into a triangle, A stacked rectangle. When in use, cross-stack, make two diapers into a cross shape, put the triangular diapers on the bottom, and stack the rectangular diapers on top.

4. Start to act: The first step is to open the baby's old diaper to see what's going on. If it's just peeing, you can use one hand to lift the baby from the foot, and then use the prepared wet diaper. After treatment, don't let the baby get dirty with the diaper again, just pick up the baby and put it on the new diaper. Place one end of the rectangle under your baby's bottom and one end to cover your perineum, then the triangular diaper can be folded and knotted over your baby's perineum. The work doesn't end with this package. Because the water permeability of diapers is relatively poor, a small cotton pad should be placed under the baby's buttocks to ensure that the mattress is not wetted by urine.

Generally speaking, in the first few months, the baby's skin is relatively delicate, and the disposable diapers are airtight and contain body lotion ingredients. The presence of these things sometimes makes the baby's skin sensitive . When the baby is older, the skin will have natural protection and become less sensitive. At this time, the two diapers can be used alternately.

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