These behaviors in summer are really not conducive to the healthy growth of babies!

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-08
When summer arrives, the elders who have seen through everything have begun to 'make suggestions' for the mothers again! For example, let the baby wean in the summer? The baby can't sleep in the air-conditioned room, should blow the natural wind to sleep? Don't put diapers on the baby, wear Open crotch pants? One thing to say, these behaviors in summer are really not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby! 1. Weaning early in the summer, let the baby adapt to the complementary food. The baby is weaned in summer. It is also prone to deterioration. At this time, let children try to eat complementary foods. If they are not careful, they are prone to gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea. Therefore, weaning should pay attention to 'the right time, place and people'. In summer, the baby's resistance is poor, and the body cannot adapt to milk powder or other complementary foods too early. Diarrhea, vomiting or allergies are common. In summer, the baby's anger has also become a burden for mothers, so it is not suitable to wean the baby in summer. 2. Don't turn on the air conditioner for the baby The life-sustaining artifact in summer, the air conditioner, was originally a good thing for the whole family. However, the elders forbade the air conditioner for the baby, and persuaded them in the attitude of a past person: the children of the xx family only had a cold and cough after blowing the air conditioner for a long time. In fact, the air conditioner adjusts the indoor temperature and controls the temperature at around 26°C, which is the best temperature tolerance for babies. The baby cannot blow directly at the air conditioner outlet to avoid digestive system diseases. The baby's thermoregulation system is not yet fully developed, and it is easy to cause the baby to get sick due to sudden cold and sudden heat. The editor has something to say: the air conditioner is a seasonal product, and it should be thoroughly cleaned before use to avoid the bacteria and dust accumulated on the filter screen being blown out and inhaled by the baby, causing the risk of airway blockage. 3. Only wear open-crotch pants for the baby in summer. Sisters, is it that in summer, there are more and more differences with the elders, but please be firm in your own thoughts: no matter how hot it is, don’t wear open-crotch pants for the baby! In summer, when you are replacing the baby When it comes to diapers, the elders will say to you: It’s so hot, and even putting on diapers for your child, do you want his butt to be stuffy? So he turned his head and stuffed you with an “heirloom”—open crotch pants. When your face is exposed for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable with bacteria all over your face when you come home, just like a baby without the protection of diapers, and his ass is always in 'dangerous muscle'. It is common for babies to crawl and roll around on the ground. Open crotch pants are easy to rub against the genitals, the baby's delicate skin is injured, and bacteria will 'take advantage of it'. The older generation is still stuck in the idea of ​​wearing diapers in summer and the baby is uncomfortable. Fortunately, you found Rouya, a thin, breathable and comfortable diaper. Take stock of the thunders that you have stepped on on the way to buy diapers for your baby. ? The diaper is not breathable, the baby is restless after wearing it, and the little butt is stuffy red; ? Many new diapers are advertised as thin and soft, but the absorption is too slow, and the phenomenon of leakage often occurs; ? Passable. Even the absorbent particles in the inner layer can fall out, and the buttocks are also stained; 'I have tried diapers once, and it is really difficult to choose.'
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