Reference standards for purchasing diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-13

When the baby is playing, should he wear crotch pants or diapers? I believe that parents have their own reasons, but one thing deserves attention: the baby's excretion consciousness is fully mature

, should be around 2-3 years old. Whether it is to train the baby to wear open crotch pants to the toilet from a few months, or wait until the baby is about 2 years old to train, when the baby can really urinate and defecate independently

The time will not be advanced due to premature training. Then our parents' choice should not only start from their own point of view, but also consider factors such as the baby's comfort, freedom, and privacy.

, Respect the baby's physiological development characteristics and needs.

If you have allergies, stop using it immediately. If you find that the skin on your baby's buttocks is red, you can choose from the following options:

AIt may not be a problem to change to another brand of diapers, because babies have individual differences in skin and constitution, so the applicable brands and products are also different.

B uses the most traditional diapers to transition.

C Use the above two methods instead for a period of time, and the baby may adapt to using this brand again.

The reference standard for 'easy to use' diapers:

1. Large absorption capacity

This allows for less frequent changes and does not disturb sleeping babies. And fast absorption can reduce the contact time of urine and skin, which naturally reduces the risk of baby suffering from diaper rash.


2. Comfortable fit

The most important thing is that the diapers that babies wear every day fit well. The diapers with elastic design can well cooperate with the baby's activities and avoid red marks and friction.

3. Dry and non-rewetting

If the bottom is always in contact with wet surfaces, the baby must be uncomfortable and prone to diaper rash.

4. Breathable and not stuffy

Breathability is an important condition to protect baby's tender skin.

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