Production requirements of baby diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-26

The more popular way to buy diapers now is to choose diapers based on the baby's stage and weight, the newborn stage, the crawling stage, and the toddler stage, and then according to the baby's weight, the NB, S, and M sizes of the newborn stage ~And so on~~ Milk powder has been divided into stages for so many years, and finally diapers are also divided into stages~ It should still be selected according to the baby's weight, which will be better, and pay attention to the method of use.

1. The size must fit the baby's body shape. The size of diapers can be divided into five types: newborn, small, medium, large, and extra. Parents must pay attention to whether it fits the baby's body shape, especially the elastic grooves on the legs and waist should not be tightened too tightly, otherwise the baby's skin will be strangled. Sometimes the size of diapers may not be exactly the same, and may vary with different manufacturers' brands. So parents may wish to refer to the number marked on the outside of the package.

2. The leak-proof design can prevent the baby from leaking urine. When the baby urinates a lot, even if the diapers have just been changed, urine may leak from both sides. In this way, not only will the baby's underwear be dirty, but the baby will also cry because of discomfort. The diapers with leak-proof design are the ruffles on the inner thighs and the leak-proof ruffles at the waist, which can effectively prevent leakage when the baby urinates too much.

3. The adhesive function is better. When using, the adhesive stickers should be able to stick to the diapers tightly, and can still be pasted repeatedly after the diapers are untied. Even if the baby jumps and jumps, it will not loosen or fall off.

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