How to make a maintenance plan for seven days of menstruation

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-19

On the first day, menstrual period is prone to acne, so the first thing to do on the first day is to buy a weak acid cleanser with rich foam to clean the skin. If the skin is not very sensitive, you can also wash your face with an electric cleansing brush once a week, focusing on removing the dirt and old dead skin cells in the pores of the T zone.

How to make a maintenance plan for seven days of menstruation?

On the second day, the second day is also a day for most people with dysmenorrhea. In order to relieve the pain of dysmenorrhea, you can mix 2 drops of ginger essential oil with 10ml of base oil, draw a circle on the lower abdomen clockwise, and wrap a layer of plastic wrap after heating. Months of persistence can improve dysmenorrhea. Girls who don't feel pain can also try it. This method has a health care effect on the uterus.

On the third day, for skin that is fragile during the menstrual period, skin care procedures and skin care products should be reduced, and you can choose a lotion that regulates oil secretion for simple care.

On the fourth day, do not eat raw or cold foods, and eat more high-carbohydrate foods such as whole-wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, and potatoes to maintain blood sugar balance and help maintain emotional stability.

The fifth day, the fifth day is an important 'watershed' in the body. On this day, the metabolism will speed up, so you can make a cucumber mask to moisturize, and the absorption effect will be very significant.

On the 6th day, the penultimate day, enough water can be added to instantly remove the dull and dull yellow of the face.

On the seventh day, the estrogen level in the body slowly rises on the last day, so just drink a small glass of about 50ml of red wine before going to bed every day, which can help estrogen to better protect the cardiovascular system.

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