How to cultivate your baby's eating habits

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-01

Diaper manufacturers share how to cultivate baby's eating habits

1. Make tempting meals

If your baby is a picky eater, you can consider some fun and delicious things when cooking for your baby, such as broccoli and desserts. You can also work harder on tableware and prepare colorful bowls for your baby to make him interested in these foods.

2. Baby's first bite of food

There are actually no special rules about the baby’s first bite of food, but the first bite of food is indeed very important for the baby. Homemade healthy food must be your first choice. This food should be made from a mixture of brown rice cereals and breast milk . And the timing of feeding is very important, when the baby is hungry but not hungry.

3. Feed your baby different foods

Experts suggest that mixed feeding should be carried out and new foods should be given to the baby constantly, because a single food will only make the baby a member of the picky eater.

4. Keep trying

Take carrots that many people don’t like as an example. At the beginning, some babies will not like it, but some parents will give up after trying it for a day or two, but it is actually necessary to try it a few more times. Every child has to try at least 15 times when accepting a new food.

5. Some Spice

It is true that babies should eat a light diet, and it is also very good for health. But when the baby likes light food, some mild spices can be added appropriately. For example, put some cilantro in the avocado, add some nutmeg in the apple, etc.

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