How to choose diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-06
Since the advent of diapers, public acceptance has generally been high. Compared to old-fashioned diapers, it is not only easy to change, but also breathable and quick-drying. The most important point is cleanliness. How to choose diapers? These four aspects are the key points One: Water absorption The most important thing about diapers is that they can quickly absorb the baby's urine, so that the liquid stays in the absorbent layer without returning to the surface of the diaper. If absorbed in small amounts, the baby's urine can still leak out, causing a red rash on the baby's skin and contaminating clothes and pants. Two: Softness Because it is in direct contact with the baby's soft skin, and the daily application time is very long, you must choose a diaper that is soft and non-irritating. Otherwise, it increases the chances of a red butt and makes the child uncomfortable. It is best to feel the softness, softness, comfort, non-irritant and sexy of the inner layer of the diaper with your own skin. Three: Breathability Since the baby's butt needs to be wrapped for a long time, the choice of breathability is also very important. After purchasing a diaper, you can also test the breathability yourself. Wrap a diaper around your arm to feel stuffy. Four: Safety factor The baby's skin is soft, the material is not non-toxic and comfortable, or the organic chemical preparation will damage the baby's skin rejuvenation.
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