Does the manufacture of sanitary napkins still require scientific and technological research and development?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-06

Sanitary napkin agents must be targeted, different products have different markets! The current business is not easy to do. Although sanitary napkin agents are very popular among sanitary napkin agents due to their low agency costs, cash transactions, no pressure on goods, and quick return of funds, it is not that simple to do a good job as an agent of sanitary napkins.

Some people question whether the manufacture of sanitary napkins requires scientific and technological research and development? The answer is yes. Taking the fast absorption function of sanitary napkins as an example, there are several advanced technologies involved.

High-quality sanitary napkins should not only absorb more, but also absorb quickly, which requires testing the absorption speed of sanitary napkins during the production process. The laboratory of the R&D center has instruments specially designed to test the absorption speed of sanitary napkins. After the liquid is injected into the sanitary napkin, the instrument will automatically start timing. When the liquid is completely absorbed by the sanitary napkin, the instrument will automatically power off and the timing will end. The scientific and technological content of sanitary napkins is not only reflected in the instruments, but also in the liquid used for testing. People often see in advertisements that a blue liquid is used to test the absorption of sanitary napkins. This is not blue ink, but a liquid similar to human blood. This liquid imitates the water, protein, fat, mucosal tissue, salt and other components in human blood, and its viscosity is the same as that of human blood. Sanitary napkins were tested with this liquid and the results were the most accurate. It can also be seen from this that the research and development process of sanitary napkins is extremely rigorous and scientific.

The researchers in the R&D Center will conduct several tests and inspections on the absorption capacity of sanitary napkin products in order to find out the best materials and processes so that the product can achieve a faster absorption effect. The research and development personnel made a breakthrough to abandon the previous method of enhancing the absorption capacity only from the number of layers and thickness of the sanitary napkin, and made different designs for the carrying capacity of each layer of the sanitary napkin. Some layers are specially used to absorb liquids, and some layers It is used to absorb solids. After repeated testing by experts, the series of sanitary napkins easily passed the double-pipe absorbency test, which can absorb and lock liquid at the fastest speed.

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