Baby diapers should be soft, breathable and non-irritating

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-25

When using diapers for babies, they should be comfortable and non-irritating, because the baby's skin is very delicate and fragile, and even a little irritation will cause discomfort to the baby.

Newborn (0-5 months): comfort and softness

Baby diapers should be soft, breathable and non-irritating

1. Moisturizing protective layer

High-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven fabric layer to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients, which not only feels smooth, soft and comfortable, but also effectively isolates the absorbed urine to avoid irritating the baby's skin ;At the same time, the protective layer can also moisturize.

2. Soft, breathable and non-irritating

Newborns have sensitive skin, and the safe and soft material can avoid friction. After the baby excretes, parents must change the diapers in time, so as to effectively avoid red buttocks and diaper rash. However, many newborn babies excrete irregularly, which makes it difficult for novice parents to grasp. Therefore, when choosing diapers, we should not only pay attention to thickness and water absorption strength, but choose light, breathable and breathable diapers according to the baby's skin and seasonal characteristics. Type diapers.

TIPS: At present, it is more popular to have a wetness display on the diapers. Just by observing the color change of the wetness display, you can know whether it needs to be replaced, which is especially suitable for novice parents.

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