Baby can't crawl, what's the harm?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-15
The baby can't crawl, what's the harm? Mom A: My baby is more than 8 months old and still can't crawl. What should I do? Is it growth retardation? Climbing is normal. It is difficult to learn to crawl in winter? Try to create crawling conditions C: It’s okay, my baby just can’t crawl and just walks, it’s no different from a child who can crawl! Does the above sentence sound familiar? Baby can’t crawl in winter Is it because the weather is cold? This pot is a no-brainer in winter! The baby can't crawl, what's the harm? Children who lack crawling experience are prone to sensory syndrome. Studies have shown that among children aged 3-13, 10%-30% of children have symptoms such as inattention, poor balance, easy to fall, clumsy hands and feet, and crying. This is not ordinary education. The problem is 'Sensory Integration Disorder'. And more than 90% of children with sensory integration disorder do not crawl or crawl for a short time in infancy. Because if the baby crawls less or does not experience crawling, it will cause the immaturity of the symmetrical neck tension reflex, which is manifested in the involuntary confrontation between the upper and lower parts of the body, and is prone to sensory integration disorders, such as visual and auditory disorders. Coordination, visual and motor incoordination, auditory and motor incoordination, etc.
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