Need to change the baby's diapers to a larger size in time

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-09

1. Observe the position of the hip and leg

First of all, the intuitive method is to observe whether the baby's buttocks and legs will be marked with red marks. If there are red marks or even broken skin on the baby's buttocks, legs, etc., it is not necessarily caused by the hard fabric of the diapers, but it is likely that the diapers are too small, causing serious friction on the tight parts such as the buttocks and legs. .

2. Pay attention to urine leakage

Observing urine leakage is also a way to judge whether the diaper fits well. Although sometimes it is caused by improper wearing of diapers, excessive activity of the baby, or insufficient urine absorption capacity of diapers, but in general, when the baby wears diapers with a smaller size, the frequency of urine leakage will be higher .

3. Observe the baby's emotions

One trick: Watch your baby's emotions. If the baby wears a diaper that is too small in size, it will feel very tight and uncomfortable, just like us adults wear clothes that are one size smaller. Younger babies can't express their feelings through language, so they can only cry. If mom and dad find that the baby at home has been throwing temper tantrums for no reason recently, except for weather, disease and other reasons, then they should consider whether the diaper size is too small and it is not comfortable to wear. If this is the case, then you need to change your baby to a larger size diaper in time.

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