Little knowledge of diapers that you don't know, the savior of new mothers! !

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-11
1. Will diapers be stuffy and airtight? Isn't it similar to feminine sanitary napkins? Some mothers have cut diapers and sanitary napkins for comparison. It can be said that the difference is very big. Diapers have diversion strips, so that urine can be dispersed throughout the diaper instead of being concentrated in a lump. The sanitary napkin has only a small area, and the secretions are concentrated near the private parts. 2. What should I do if my baby always has side leakage when wearing diapers? Choose a diaper with double leak-proof, check whether the leak-proof partition is pulled up, whether the model is suitable, whether the sleeping position is correct, and whether the diaper is full. Talk to your baby while changing diapers, make your baby happy and distract your baby, and the baby will feel very happy. 4. Is it better to be bigger, or just right? Under normal circumstances, choose a diaper that is more suitable for your baby. 5. What should I pay attention to when wearing diapers for children in summer? The most important thing to pay attention to is whether the baby's little butt will have diaper rash. Check your baby's buttocks, thighs, and vulva folds frequently. Choose diapers with better ventilation. Kaori Song diapers are soft and thin, with good air permeability. They use double leak-proof partitions and PE breathable membranes, which are more suitable for Chinese baby diapers.
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