How to identify the quality of diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-05
Babies have basically been wearing diapers against the body since they were born, until they are a few years old. At this time, the baby is the most delicate in all aspects, so the quality of diapers is directly related to the healthy growth of the baby. So, what kind of diapers can relieve the worries of new mothers? What are the characteristics of the most suitable high-quality diapers for babies? How to identify the quality of a diaper? First, the characteristics of high-quality diapers. A good diaper will be made of non-woven fabrics with a soft touch surface, not made of chemical adhesives. In addition, macromolecules are introduced to lock in moisture. Excellent diapers will use high-quality raw materials, scientifically combine soft non-woven materials, non-additive wood pulp paper, super absorbent polymers, diffusion diversion layers and breathable liquid-resistant breathable membranes to give babies soft comfort Touch, breathable, refreshing and comfortable, bringing the baby a comfortable and intimate initial care. A good diaper mainly reflects the product concept of 'gentleness and protection of the baby' through the three senses of 'softness and realness', 'dry realness' and 'breathable realness'. Soft and real feeling: The concave-convex embossing process on the surface makes the surface of the diaper elastic, reduces the contact area with the baby's skin, and makes the air in the pants more circulated. Dry feeling: The polymer water-absorbing resin with strong liquid permeability is used to firmly lock the moisture, keep the surface of the diaper dry and reduce the feeling of stuffiness. Breathable real feeling: The bottom layer is made of super breathable film, which is breathable and impermeable to water. Each breathable film has a large number of tiny air holes that are invisible to the human eye, which can quickly discharge the hot and humid air. Second, how to identify the quality of a diaper in a few simple steps. Method/step 1: Surface layer: the side that is close to the baby's PP, this is a layer of absorbent non-woven fabric, the surface layer material is very good diapers, the surface is white and soft, fakes will not use this level of raw materials, so in the soft There will be differences in degree and genuine. Method/step 2: Thickness: The water absorption of diapers mainly depends on polymer resin (SAP). This raw material is very expensive. If the fake is reluctant to use a sufficient amount of SAP, you will lose 2 grams and increase the cotton core to make up for it. Therefore, adding SAP is more expensive. Fewer diapers will be thicker, and fake ones will be thicker. Method/step 3: Compounding of the breathable bottom film: To ensure good air permeability, the breathable bottom film and the water-repellent non-woven fabric of the bottom layer should be point-and-line compounded. The counterfeit product is usually surface compounded, that is, the whole surface is compounded when it is compounded. Apply glue, so the bottom film will be harder. Touch the previous genuine product and compare it with the new one. The hardness of the genuine product and the fake one is obviously different. Method/step 4: Water absorption: Fill both diapers with water until they can't absorb it, then wipe off the water hanging on the outside, find a high-precision electronic scale to weigh, the water absorption of the fake is at least poor 50g or more. This gap can probably even be weighed in the market. Method/step 5: Quality: Different brands of diapers will have differences in workmanship and materials, mothers are not too blindly pursuing imported products, and the craftsmanship and materials of domestic diapers are gradually improving, and now they are not too bad. It is also a good idea to choose a cost-effective diaper. Method/step 6: Whether the diaper cutting is reasonable: The diapers are made by different templates and different machines, and there are certain differences in design, cutting and craftsmanship. Observe the shape of the diaper, if it is a good elastic, finer elastic cut, it will be softer, firmer and more close to the body, which will greatly improve the leakproofness of the leg circumference. Method/step 7: Whether it is elastic and compliant: Choose elastic waist tape, the baby will not cause too much pressure when wearing it, it can better fit the baby's body shape, and make the baby move freely.
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