How often to change baby diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-14
The baby suddenly cried, and new parents were often at a loss. In fact, many times it is because the baby's diaper is too heavy or the baby has a bowel movement. Novice parents should learn to change the baby's diapers at this time, so that the baby can reduce the discomfort caused by the uncomfortable buttocks. How often should baby diapers be changed? Don't use baby diapers 24 hours a day. Regularly let the baby's little butt dry in the air and bask in the sun. If parents have time, use diapers several times during the day. The use of baby diapers and diapers alternately is economical and avoids the baby being in a diaper package for a long time. Baby diapers should be used at night or when taking the baby out, and cotton diapers can be used at other times, which not only increases the time for the baby's buttocks to contact the air, but also conforms to the actual consumption capacity of the public. The joints should be glued firmly: when changing diapers for the baby, the joints should be glued firmly, and do not let baby care products such as oil, powder or shower gel get on the joints, so as not to reduce the adhesion. Change baby diapers frequently at the beginning of use, no matter whether the child urinates or not, it should be changed every 2-3 hours. As the child grows, the number of baby diaper changes will gradually decrease, starting from an average of ten times a day, and gradually reducing to six times. If the baby pulls on the diaper, it should be changed immediately, and the baby's buttocks should be washed with warm water and cotton gauze. Never wipe it with wet wipes; after cleaning, be sure to wait for the little buttocks to dry completely before changing to a new one. Diapers. If there is some redness on the baby's buttocks, mothers don't panic, you can apply some ointment, which can be eliminated in a short time. In general, the baby should stop using diapers before the child is 2 years old. If you have been using baby diapers and diapers, it will become a habit, which can easily lead to habitual or lazy bedwetting. In addition, the time to stop baby diapers is summer, because suddenly stopped in winter, the child will lie wet and easy to catch a cold after wetting the bed. Especially after they can walk, it will affect their walking posture.
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