Have you ever used ECO BOOM diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-16
Some baby mothers use Beiqu diapers, and suddenly their buttocks turn red, and then they will blame the diapers. In fact, do you know the real reason? In fact, there are many reasons for the baby's red buttocks, and I will share with you here. Let's take a look at the reasons for the red butt: 1. The diaper is not changed in time, and the buttocks are exposed to urine for a long time, causing irritation. Second, the baby's buttocks have many folds. After cleaning, the buttocks are wet, causing red buttocks. 3. Insufficient or excessive cleaning. Infection caused by stolen goods or by vigorous wiping. 4. Improper selection of toiletries and care products that use alcohol fragrances. How to choose a good diaper: First, ultra-thin and breathable: the baby's urine will produce moisture, if you choose a non-breathable diaper, it will easily cause the baby to cause red buttocks Second, water absorption Good: If a diaper has good water absorption, it can reduce the time that urine is in contact with the baby's buttocks, and the chance of the baby's red buttocks will be greatly reduced. Third, dry and non-reverse osmosis: If the water absorption of the diaper is not good, it will cause reverse osmosis after the urine is absorbed. The wet diaper will make the baby uncomfortable, and the baby's red butt will be selected according to the above qualities. After various comparisons, I finally chose Beiqu diapers. The baby can take one piece at night. It is still very dry when patted with a tissue in the morning, and the baby's PP is also dry and dry. Every agent is the original user and beneficiary, walk in the right direction toward the outlet, seize the opportunity to do things that others dare not do, and settle down, what you get is the envy of others!
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