Diapers are sized to fit your baby's body

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-04
1. The size is in line with the baby's body size. Parents must choose a comfortable and suitable size diaper according to the baby's body shape. When purchasing, they should strictly pay attention to the size chart outside the box, because the size of the diaper may vary due to different manufacturers. After the diaper is put on, the baby can let go of the movement, the legs and waist will not be strangled, and can be stretched and bent freely, so as to avoid the baby's lower body being restricted and unable to move, resulting in skin abrasions. 2. Targeted leak-proof design The newly changed diapers will increase the possibility of side leakage because the baby's urine volume is too much, which will then make the clean clothes dirty and cause the baby's discomfort. The targeted leak-proof diapers will have a continuous ruffle-like design on the inner thighs and waist of the baby. They are folded against each other, so that the area is increased, which can effectively prevent side leakage when the amount is too large. 3. Strong fixing performance The glue on both sides of the diaper has a strong adhesion performance, which can be tightly attached to the diaper, and can be pasted again after tearing off, ensuring that when the baby has a large range of activities, it will still not move sideways or fall off.
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