Baby diapers should be non-irritating and breathable

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-27

Baby diapers should be soft, breathable and non-irritating

1. Moisturizing protective layer
High-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven fabric layer to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients, which is not only smooth to the touch, soft and comfortable

, It can also effectively isolate the absorbed urine to avoid irritating the baby's skin; at the same time, the protective layer can also moisturize.
TIPS: At present, the wetness display on the diapers is more popular. Just by observing the color change of the wetness display, you can know whether it needs to be replaced. It is especially suitable for novice parents.


2. Breathable, not stuffy:
The diapers used by babies are uncomfortable. Mothers can use the sanitary napkins they use during their menstrual period to imagine: if it is not breathable, especially in summer, it will make people extremely uncomfortable and restless. Therefore, the baby's diapers are the same. High-quality diapers are made of non-woven fabric, which is more breathable and comfortable. Huge watermarks mean that the hot and humid air is discharged from the small holes on the outer layer, while poor-quality diapers are made of plastic and have poor air permeability.
3. Beautiful
Summer is coming, and babies have more social activities. Many mothers often go out with only diapers on their babies. At present, there are trouser-type diapers on the market for babies who can crawl and walk. They are not only more comfortable and fit, but also easier to put on and take off. You don’t need to put your baby on the bed, and you can change them while standing. Some brands also considerately designed side-changing buckles, which can be replaced as long as they are opened.
When changing diapers, use wet wipes with good cleaning effect to wipe them completely. If possible, you can let the little butts dry in the air for a while, and put on new diapers when they are completely dry. the
4. Faster absorption and drier
In summer, babies drink more water and urinate more frequently. Choose diapers with fast absorption speed, which can reduce the contact time of urine with the skin, keep the surface of the diapers dry, and make it less likely to leak urine. In addition, the material of the absorbent layer of the diaper should also be designed to effectively lock in moisture, so that the urine does not seep back after it is absorbed, so that the baby will not be disturbed by the wet diaper and cannot sleep peacefully. In summer, the frequency of changing diapers can be appropriately increased, about once every 4 hours. the
5. Comfortable and fit
In summer, babies have a lot of activities and need more comfortable and close-fitting diapers. Observe whether the cut of the diaper is reasonable, and whether the leg circumference and waist circumference are elastic. A well-designed diaper can make your baby comfortable and snug. Careful parents can observe the leg circumference. If red marks appear, they need to change to a larger size diaper.

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